Scorbunny's Spring

Duration: March 8th - March 17th 2022

This event was the ninteenth Team Event in Pokémon Café ReMix and featured earning points to receive Scorbunny's Spring outfit.

Special Customers

Special Customers Outfits

Pic Name Specialty

Appetite Rewards

No. 15003 Stamina
No. 2800500 Golden Acorns
No. 3120010 Crispy Tart M
No. 41600500 Golden Acorns
No. 520005 Crispy Tart L
No. 622505 Stamina
No. 725003 Crispy Tart XL
No. 82750Scorbunny Floral Outfit
No. 930001000 Golden Acorns
No. 1033003 Scorbunny Cookies
No. 1137001000 Golden Acorns
No. 12400010 Scorbunny Cookies
No. 134300100 Cookies
No. 14450010 Scorbunny Cookies
No. 1550001000 Golden Acorns
No. 165500Scorbunny Floral Outfit
No. 1760001000 Golden Acorns
No. 186500Scorbunny Floral Outfit
No. 1971001000 Golden Acorns
No. 207100Scorbunny Floral Outfit
No. 2180001000 Golden Acorns
No. 228000Scorbunny Floral Outfit
No. 238000100 Cookies
No. 2480001000 Golden Acorns