Bellossom - Pokémon Café ReMix

Picture Name Specialty
Bellossom Sweets

Obtaining Methods

SpecialRegular Play & Delivery


Powered-Up SkillMegaphone *135
Powered-Up SkillMegaphone *132Level 8


Standard SkillStandard Skill60Clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks above, then sets off megaphones created in place of some icons below
Powered-Up SkillPowered-Up Skill60Clears icons and gimmicks above, replaces a moderate number of Pokémon icons below with megaphones then sets them off

Specialty Gimmick

ImageGimmickLevelBase Description
OlivesOlivesLevel 3Clear up to 2 Olives without creating any Olive Oil by making a combo next to them
GummiGummiLevel 5Clear up to 2 Gummi by making a combo next to them
ButterButterLevel 15Clear up to 2 Butter by making a combo next to them


LevelLink Value
Level 1110
Level 2115
Level 3120
Level 4125
Level 5130
Level 6135
Level 7140
Level 8145
Level 9150
Level 10155
Level 11160
Level 12165
Level 13170
Level 14175
Level 15180
Level 16185
Level 17190
Level 18195
Level 19200
Level 20205
Level 21210
Level 22215
Level 23220
Level 24225
Level 25230

Outfit Grade

Grade 1Puzzle Score +10%
Grade 2Puzzle Score +10%
Grade 3Puzzle Score +10%
Grade 4Puzzle Score +10%
ButterButter Score +