Here are the pre-release Pictures from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon 2. Click the Link to view the picture:

The Wigglytuff Guild
Inside the Wigglytuff Guild
Wigglytuff - Leader of the guild
Chatot heads up the guild under Wigglytuff
Chatot offers advice
Bidoof was another head underling until you and your partner arrived
Bidoof sometimes joins you on missions
Starter: Turtwig on beach with Piplup
Starter: Chimchar outside the Wigglytuff Guild with Piplup
Starter: Piplup on the beach with Pikachu
Starter: Pikachu asleep at hoem with Turtwig
Starter: Munchlax outside the Duskull stall with Turtwig
The town square is bigger than before
The Ruin Shard owned by your Partner
Piplup & Munchlax come across a Purugly
Chimchar & Pikachu come across a Floatzel
Piplup & Turtwig come across two Krabby & an Eastern Gastrodon
Chimchar & Pikachu come across a Bagon & Snover
Piplup & Turtwig come across a Chingling
Piplup & Turtwig come across a Shellder & Eastern Shellos
This place lies under the guild

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