Like in the first Dungeon game, Dungeon 2 has its own little town, off from the Guild, where you can do certain tasks, buy certain things and so forth. There are several returning shops and several new ones. As such, they are be detailled below:

Kecleon's Store

The Kecleon Shop has returned from the first Dungeon game. The two Kecleon here will sell you various items for various prices. Like in the first game, the Green Kecleon shall sell you regular items such as Hold Items, Food, Heal Items etc. while the Purple Kecleon will sell you TM's and Orbs

Kangaskhan's Storage

Another returning building is the Storage provided by Kangaskhan. Like in the first game, you have the ability here in which to place all the items you have left over and do not think you will use in the next dungeon here until you need it. Especially handy as you lose items if you end up losing in a dungeon.

Duskull's Bank

The first of the returning shops that have changed hands, the Bank is now run by Duskull instead of Persian in the previous game. Like the previous game, simply put, you store your money here, so, like with the items, you dont lose the bulk of your revenue when you fail in a dungeon

Electivire's Link Shop

Another shop changing hands, Electivire's shop works the same way as the Gulpin one in the previous game. Electivire will be able to make your link a couple of your moves into one powerful move as well as giving you the opportunity to relearn forgotten moves

Marowak's Training Dojo

Ran by Marowak instead of Makuhita, the Dojo this time is once agasin used for training of your Expedition with various dungeons to go through. However, unlike the Dungeons in the last game, there is one massive main Dungeon you can obtain at the end of the game that houses many Unique Pokémon, the Final Maze

Chansey's Hut

The first of three new shops, Chansey's Hut is used when you have completed a mission which rewards you with an Egg. Once you have got the Egg, you take it to Chansey's Hut for Chansey to incubate the Egg. After a few in-game days, the egg will hatch into the base form of a Pokémon found in that particular dungeon

Xatu's Locksmith

Another of the new Shops is the Locksmith run by Xatu. In some dungeons, you will find treasure chests. If you take these chests to Xatu, for a fee of 150PokéDollars, Xatu will open the chest for you and you will then receive the item. The item could be anything so this is a handy building indeed

Croagunk's Trade Post

Placed outside of Treasure Town, in the Wigglytuff Guild, Croagunk's Trade Post is a very handy place to go. There are many specific items for different Pokémon & types and as such there are items with different strengths and rarities. These items can be traded up here. Click here for a list of those such items

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