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Surrounded Sea

Amount of Floors - B20F
Unlock Criterea - Save Scizor at Crevice Cave to earn Secret Rank, complete several optional missions, then activate by talking to Sunflora at Guild
Notes - Pokémon are randomly set and placed on floors from list below
Notes - Manaphy Egg Obtainable At End, Only on First Visit
Boss - None

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#073 Tentacruel B1F-B20F
#080 Slowbro B1F-B20F
#090 Shellder B1F-B20F
#116 Horsea B1F-B20F
#117 Seadra B1F-B20F
#121 Starmie B1F-B20F
#131 Lapras B1F-B20F
#199 Slowking B1F-B20F
#211 Qwilfish B1F-B20F
#223 Remoraid B1F-B20F
#224 Octillery B1F-B20F
#230 Kingdra B1F-B20F
#318 Carvanha B1F-B20F
#320 Wailmer B1F-B20F
#366 Clamperl B1F-B20F
#456 Finneon B1F-B20F
#249 Lugia B18F
(Requires Secret Slab or Enigma Part)

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