One of the new features found within Explorers of the Sky, which was not present in this form in the four prior games, is the Secret Bazaar. This area appears randomly if you find some special stairs inside any dungeon at random. It's purpose is to provide you various options, assistance and just general help with the dungeon in which you are currently travelling.

The Secret Bazaar is run by Kirlia whom always welcomes you as soon as you enter. There are also four different stalls within the Secret Bazaar, each with different functions. They are as follows;

Mime Jr.

If you go to Mime Jr.'s stall in the bottom left of the room, you will have the option to completely restore your HP and hunger for you and your partners. This costs 100 in order to be done but is very useful if you are close to fainting and having to end your attempt at the dungeon.


Shedinja's stall in the top-left of the room is a very handy stall indeed. If you are failling in the dungeon and do not wish to lose and thus lose items and money, for 100, Shedinja will allow you to escape the dungeon with no reprecussions.


Lickilicky has a stall in the top-right of the room. Here, for a fee, Lickilicky will clean your jammed items so that you have the ability to use them once again so you do not have to worry should your items get jammed.


Finally, Swalot's stall is at the bottom-right of the room. For a small fee, Swalot will give you a special "Luck Pocket". These Luck Pockets contain random items which could be anything. With a bit of luck, they will be containing some really helpful items. We'll put a list of possible items as soon as we can.

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