As with the Darkness & Time versions of the game, Explorers of the Sky features the main hub town; Treasure Town. This town appears relatively untouched in the transition from Darkness/Time to Sky, but there are a few changes which have yet to be revealed. Here are all the areas of note:

Kecleon Shop & Kecleon Wares

The Kecleon Shop once again returns. This hut has two shops in which you can spend Pokédollars you've found in the Dungeons on various items to assist your exploring. The Green Kecleon will sell you these items including Food, Hold Items, Healing Items, Gummis and more. The Purple Kecleon however sells TMs, Orbs and Keys. The listings of the stores change throughout the game but expect a list when the game comes out.

Kangaskhan Storage

While you travel through the dungeons, if you faint or fail in your mission, you will end up losing a fair few of your items which you are carrying. If you have any special items, this could be fairly annoying. With that in mind, Kangaskhan has a storage bank in Treasure Town. Here you can go and place any items you wish to save into storage. This allows you to get it when you need it without risk of losing them when you faint.

Xatu Appraisal

In many dungeons, you will likely find many different chests in the dungeons. Most of these will be locked so you will have to take it to Xatu. For 150 PokéDollars, Xatu will open the chest for you and you will be able to keep whatever item that the chest holds.

Electivire Link Shop

A feature exclusive to the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games allows you to link up two or move attacks into one attack for more widespread damage when the move is used. This can be done at Electivire's Link shop. Here you can link the moves together or teach your Pokémon moevs that they have since forgotten, all for no charge.

Chansey's Hut

For reward in completing some missions in some dungeons, you will be given an egg. This egg usually contains a random Pokémon from the dungeon with some special egg moves and even possibly holding a rare item. To get this egg to hatch, you have to take it here to Chansey's Hut where it will be incubated. After a few in-game days, the egg shall hatch.

Duskull Bank

Like with items, when you faint in a dungeon, you will lose a good portion of the money that you have on you. As such, there's a bank run by Duskull where you can place your excess money so you don't lose it. This allows you to save it up for opening chests or for purchasing items at the Kecleon Shops

Marowak's Dojo

If you're not wishing to go through a massive dungeon but instead wish to go through a small training dungeon, Marowak's Dojo is there for you. It has a dozen dungeons for you to go through. This will help you level up and you will not lose money and items if you fail in them. After completion, there is also a massive final dungeon accessible from here

Spinda's Café

Spinda's Drink Stand

Near the exit of Treasure Town is the new building; Spinda's Café. This café has two new stores and gives you access to the Unexplored Land once you reach a certain point in the game. At Spinda's Drink Stand, you have the ability of turning your Apples, Seeds & Berries into Drinks for a small price. These new items, which will have different effects, can then be utilised in Dungeons much like any other item.


Explore Recycle & Big Treasure

The other stall is a two-function stall owned by Wobbuffet & Wynaut. First, Explore Recycle, run by Wynaut, allows you to exchange excess items that you have for other items. The quality of these items increases with the more items you trade in so be sure to keep coming to the Explore Recycle stall. The Big Treasure stall, run by Wobbuffet, has you enter a Lottery for a certain price. The prizes for this lottery vary so you never know what you're going to get


Wigglytuff Guild

Croagunk's Swap Shop

On the second floor of the Wigglytuff Guild, you will find the Croagunk Swap Shop. Here, you will be able to trade various species special items you find for even stronger items. The list of these items is not known for this game, but for the likely similar Dungeon Time & Darkness list, click here


Chimecho's Assembly

On the first floor, you will find Chimecho. Here, you will be able to access any of the Pokémon you have recruited into your Expedition. This is done via a list system so you can easily search for the Pokémon that you wish to use in your team.


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