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Blaze Cave

Amount of Floors- B1-B30F
Unlock Criterea - Reach GuildMaster Rank
Notes - Pokemon cannot be recruited
Notes - - Only 8 items allowed
Notes - - Money reduced to 0
Notes - - Only team leader allowed in
Notes - Cannot be rescued
Boss - None

Pic No. Name Floors Found on
#037 Vulpix B1F-B30F
#078 Rapidash B1F-B30F
#092 Gastly B1F-B30F
#093 Haunter B1F-B30F
#094 Gengar B1F-B30F
#126 Magmar B1F-B30F
#157 Typhlosion B1F-B30F
#164 Noctowl B1F-B30F
#200 Misdreavus B1F-B30F
#306 Aggron B1F-B30F
#316 Gulpin B1F-B30F
#317 Swalot B1F-B30F
#322 Numel B1F-B30F
#323 Camerupt B1F-B30F
#324 Torkoal B1F-B30F
#353 Shuppet B1F-B30F
#354 Banette B1F-B30F
#408 Cranidos B1F-B30F
#409 Rampardos B1F-B30F
#425 Drifloon B1F-B30F
#426 Drifblim B1F-B30F
#467 Magmortar B1F-B30F
#244 Entei B1F-B30F
Random floor - Challenge Request Mission only

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