One of the features Gold and Silver brought that's stayed with the series ever since is Mystery Gift. However this Mystery Gift is much different than future incarnations. You can't get Pokemon from this one or even use it at Nintendo events: it's strictly for use with other GSC titles, Pokemon Pikachu 2, and Pokemon Stadium 2. It can only be used once with a unique user with a total of five different users daily.

To unlock the Mystery Gift, you must have a Game Boy Colour. Earlier and later Game Boys don't work as they don't have infrared communications. Go to the Goldenrod Department Store and talk to the little girl on the fifth floor. She will ask if you if you'd like to use Mystery Gift. Naturally tell her yes and you'll be able to from that point on.

Note: Although this does work on the Virtual Console versions of Pokémon Gold & Silver, you cannot link a GameBoy Color game to the Virtual Console and the Pocket Pikachu 2 won't work with the Virtual Console releases.

In deciding what you get, you have a 50% chance of an item or a 50% chance of a decoration for your room.

ItemRarityIteam Type
Berry 5% Item
Przcureberry 5% Item
Mint Berry 5% Item
Ice Berry 5% Item
Burnt Berry 5% Item
Psncureberry 5% Item
Guard Spec. 5% Item
X Defend 5% Item
X Attack 5% Item
Bitter Berry 5% Item
Dire Hit 5% Item
X Special 5% Item
X Accuracy 5% Item
Eon Mail 5% Item
Morph Mail 5% Item
Music Mail 5% Item
Jigglypuff Doll 5% Decoration
Poliwag Doll 5% Decoration
Diglett Doll 5% Decoration
Staryu Doll 5% Decoration
Magikarp Doll 5% Decoration
Oddish Doll 5% Decoration
Gengar Doll 5% Decoration
Shellder Doll 5% Decoration
Grimer Doll 5% Decoration
Voltorb Doll 5% Decoration
Clefairy Poster 5% Decoration
Jigglypuff Poster 5% Decoration
Super NES 5% Decoration
Weedle Doll 5% Decoration
Geodude Doll 5% Decoration
Machop Doll 5% Decoration
MiracleBerry 1% Item
Gold Berry 1% Item
Revive 1% Item
Great Ball 1% Item
Super Repel 1% Item
Max Repel 1% Item
Elixer 1% Item
Ether 1% Item
Magna Plant 1% Decoration
Tropic Plant 1% Decoration
NES 1% Decoration
Nintendo64 1% Decoration
Bulbasaur Doll 1% Decoration
Squirtle Doll 1% Decoration
Pink Bed 1% Decoration
Polkadot Bed 1% Decoration
Water Stone 0.20% Item
Fire Stone 0.20% Item
Leaf Stone 0.20% Item
Thunderstone 0.20% Item
Max Ether 0.20% Item
Max Elixer 0.20% Item
Max Revive 0.20% Item
Scope Lens 0.20% Item
Red Carpet 0.20% Decoration
Blue Carpet 0.20% Decoration
Yellow Carpet 0.20% Decoration
Green Carpet 0.20% Decoration
Jumbo Plant 0.20% Decoration
Virtual Boy 0.20% Decoration
Big Onix 0.20% Decoration
Pikachu Poster 0.20% Decoration
HP Up 0.10% Item
PP Up 0.10% Item
Big Lapras Doll 0.10% Decoration
Surf Pikachu Doll 0.10% Decoration
Pikachu Bed 0.10% Decoration
Unown Doll 0.10% Decoration
Tentacool Doll 0.10% Decoration