#625 Bisharp
7th Gen Dex

Trainer's Pokémon

  Grimsley's Bisharp
Gender Nickname Ability
Female N/A Defiant
Attacks Fury Cutter
Grimsley’s Bisharp has the ability to cut through everything with its blades.
# Chapter Notes
481 VS Bisharp
482 VS Maractus
511 VS Gothorita
522 Zekrom VS Reshiram III
523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV

  Bryony's Bisharp
Gender Nickname Ability
Female N/A N/A
Attacks N/A
The Team Flare Scientist, Bryony, owns this Bisharp which wields powerful blade-like arms.
# Chapter Notes
030 VS Goomy
032 VS Flabebe
033 VS Xerneas
041 VS Mega Charizard X & Y
043 VS Mega Mewtwo X
044 VS Zygarde I
045 VS Zygarde II

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