Monday: Pokémon Sun & Moon - Marshadow Event + Pokémon Duel Updates + Pokémon GO - Halloween Event

02-10-2017 09:25 BST / 04:25 EDT by Serebii

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Edit @ 17:48: Pokémon GO - Halloween Event

Pokkén Tournament

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Marshadow Event

The Marshadow event has begun in multiple European countries. At present, it is available at Gamestop in Germany & Italy, GAME (Nintendo Zone) in Spain, Intertoys in The Netherlands, and Belgium and GameMania in The Netherlands & Belgium, as well as Cora, Smartoys & FNAC (Nintendo Zone) in Belgium with codes being available until November 16th. We are currently awaiting further European distribution details so keep checking back. For full details on this Pokémon, be sure to check our Pokédex page for Marshadow

Pokémon Comaster

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Pokémon Duel - Update

The smartphone game, Pokémon Duel, has had a new update. This patch takes it to version 4.0.4 and contains a variety of bug fixes and requires 163MB of space on your mobile device to download. It is required to update in order to play the game
This patch contains various bug fixes
It also added various brand new figures including Mega Evolutions. The EX Figures are Solgaleo & Tapu Lele
The R Figures are Cosmog, Cosmoem, & Espeon
The UC Figures are Igglybuff, & Oricori P'au Style
It also added a new Orange Time Booster which are guaranteed to hold Psychic-type or Bug-type Pokémon. A special 10 pack booster has also been released with a guaranteed EX or UX drop
Finally, it added a variety of new Plate focused on Steel & Poison-types
In addition to this, it has provided a variety of balance updates to a few existing figures
Mega Beedrill
Removed Twineedle and replaced with Pin Missile
Increased wheel size of Poison Shock
Decreased wheel size of Miss
Removed Twineedle and replaced with Pin Missile
Added Toxic
Decreased wheel size of Miss
Changed An nihilate's effect
Increased wheel size for Annihilate
Removed Psychic and replaced it with Psycho Cut with a smaller wheel size
Increased Super Psy power from 40 to 100 with a larger wheel size
Increased wheel size of Warp Hole
Decreased wheel size of Moonblast and Miss
Increased Metal Claw power from 90 to 100
Removed Confusion and replaced it with Heavy Slam
Increased Extrasensory power from 80 to 100 with a smaller wheel size
Increased wheel size for Iron Defense

Pokémon Shuffle

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Pokémon GO

The Pokémon Company International have confirmed that there is to be a special event held in Pokémon GO to coincide with Halloween. At present there are no further details for this event but we will post when any come so be sure to keep checking back.

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