Pokémon Platinum, like previous third games in each generation, includes a number of changes and additions within it making it different from the previous games in the generation. Unlike with past instances, Pokémon Platinum has got the most changes and additions than before. This page is designed to give you all a heads up on what has changed and what has been added. Be warned as it includes spoilers for the game.



  • A variety of Pokémon have been given various new forms in Pokémon Platinum
    • Rotom has been given five new forms in Pokémon Platinum; Cut, Frost, Heat, Spin & Wash. These all feature an increase in stats and each have a unique attack learnable whenever you change it's form, however their learnsets and ability match the original Rotom. You can only have one of each form at any one time. Click here for further details
    • Giratina has been given a seperate form. This is called the Origin Forme and is how any Giratina exists in the special Distortion World. While out of the Distortion World, Giratina is always in it's original Altered Forme. However, with a new item; the Platinum Orb, Giratina can remain in this form for however long the Platinum Orb is attached. Giratina's Attack stats & Defense stats are switched in the change of form, and it's ability is Levitate in Origin Forme. It's learnset remains the same
    • Shaymin also has a new form in Pokémon Platinum. This form is obtained by using the Key Item the Gracidea Flower on Shaymin, the item is obtained via showing a character in Floaroma Town either a Shaymin from an event or the Shaymin obtained from your own game. This new Shaymin form, the Sky Forme, features changes in stats, learnset, type (adding the Flying type) and a change in ability to Serene Grace. Click here for further details
  • The Sinnoh Dex has got a further 59 Pokémon, including all the non-legendary new Pokémon introduced in Diamond & Pearl. As such, trainers throughout Sinnoh and the wild Pokémon of Sinnoh have been changed to respect this. You will need to see all 210 in order to obtain the National Dex. Click here for further details & a complete list
  • If you have the Regigigas obtained from a specific event, Route 228, Mt. Coronet & Iron Island now hold Regirock, Regice & Registeel respectively at Level 30.
  • After obtaining the National Pokédex and talking to Professor Oak in Eterna City, Articuno, Zapdos & Moltres start to roam Sinnoh. They are at Level 60.
  • If you inadvertantly knock out a Legendary Pokémon, they have a chance of re-appearing later on in the game. In the case of Giratina, it will now appear in Turnback Cave next to the portal to the Distortion World.
  • During the game, you will be given a Togepi Egg and a Level 25 Porygon. Click here for further details
  • The Pokémon back-sprites are now animated.


  • The main addition in areas is the Distortion World. This new area is a barren area accessible only from Mt. Coronet and Turnback Cave. This area features the final battle with Cyrus as well as the encountering of Giratina. This area also features complete 3-Dimensional travel and defies the laws of gravity. Click here for further details
  • Battle Park has been removed and replaced with a Battle Frontier. Following on from the original in Hoenn, this Battle Frontier features five facilities for you to battle in. These include the old favourites; Battle Tower & Battle Factory. In addition to that, there are three new facilities for you to battle in. Click here for further details
  • In the Survival Area, there is a new building that holds different people every day. These include the 8 gym leaders and the 5 double team partners. They all feature higher levelled Pokémon and can be battled every day. Click here for further details
  • A new Villa has been added to the Resort Area. This Villa is owned byyou and allows you to place in various expensive items. When you add in items, various in-game characters will come and visit Click here for further details


  • A new WiFi area has been included. This area features you interacting with up to 20 random players. You cannot battle with them but can partake in a variety of activities including playing one of three specific mini-games; Swalot Plop, Wobbuffet Pop & Mime Jr. Top. Click here for further details
  • There are a variety of new WiFi features which you can do with your friends. These include creating Poffin, playing the aforementioned Mini-Games and battling through the Battle Frontier facilities with your friends in tag-battles. Click here for further details
  • Another new feature is utilised through a key item called the Vs. Recorder. This item allows you to record and save various battles which you partake in; both online and in Battle Frontier and view replays whenever you wish. In conjunction with the GTS, you have the ability to upload your videos for other players to download and view. With this item and this sytem, you can also trade pictures of your Pokémon's contest appeals, pictures of your boxes and view global rankings of Pokémon battles. Click here for further details
  • Two new characters have been added to the game's storyline;
    • Looker is an investigator whom is hunting down Team Galactic in an effort to end their plans
    • Charon is a new admin in Team Galactic. You don't battle him, but he is used in the storyline often as Team Galactic's scientist. He is also utilised in the backstory for Rotom's alternate forms.
  • Three move tutors have been added. These tutors, dotted in Route 212, Snowpoint City and the Survival Area, can teach specific attacks any number of times in exchange for various Shards. Click here for further details
  • The GTS now gives a feature that will send an e-mail to you or to your Wii whenever a trade of yours is successful over the Global Trade System.
  • Over local wireless, there is a new feature that allows you and the other nearby players to put Pokémon eggs in and you will be randomly given one of the eggs for a Pot Luck of Pokémon.
  • In many Pokémon Centres across Sinnoh, there are various trainers whom will appear in the centres every day. These trainers are rebattlable every day and increase their level as you progress through the game. Click here for further details
  • Before entering the Fight Area, you will end up in a double battle against Volkner & Flint, marking the first time you can battle a Gym Leader & Elite Four member at the same time.
  • Wi-Fi Events are now being utilised over the Mystery Gift feature. These give away special items allowing you to change Rotom's forms or to obtain Pokémon such as Darkrai & Shaymin. Click here for further details
  • Important trainers such as Gym Leaders, Tag Partners and Galactic Admins now have animated sprites



  • Various Pokémon have received changes in the moves they learn when they level up.
  • The Regigigas found in Snowpoint Temple is now at Level 1, being the lowest levelled Wild Pokémon in any Pokémon game
  • In Resort Area, you can find Magikarp from Levels 1 up to Level 100 making it the highest levelled Wild Pokémon in any Pokémon game
  • You can now get Eevee given to you prior to obtaining the National Dex
  • Every area's wild Pokémon are changed to meet the new Sinnoh Dex's additions
  • Many trainer's Pokémon rosters have been updated with the new Sinnoh Dex Pokémon
  • Dialga & Palkia are both obtainable at Level 70 after the completion of the Sinnoh Dex.
  • Manaphy can be seen in a book in the Pokémon Mansion.
  • Swarm Pokémon, PokéRadar-Specific Pokémon, Trophy Garden Pokémon & GBA-Insertion Pokémon have all been updated to exclude Pokémon now within the Sinnoh Pokédex.
  • Every Pokémon now has foreign Pokédex entries if they have been traded over from a Pokémon game in any of the following languages; Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish or Italian
  • Many Pokémon owned by trainers have PokéBall Seals attached to them.


  • Every area has received a graphical update. Some have only minor updates, such as a tidying up for the buildings and the roads, but others have been Major. Specifically the Battle Area has been given a more tropical climate. Routes 201-204 and Lake Verity, Twinleaf Town & Sandgem Town now include Snow patches. Stark Mountain also now has running lava.
  • Amity Square has been updated to be seperated into various areas and now allows the starter Pokémon and their evolutions within it. Click here for further details
  • The lighting within Forests & Caves have been updated to be more realistic.
  • Veilstone Department Store now has a basement that includes three new areas for purchasing things such as Lava Cookies & Poffin.
  • Eterna City Gym, Hearthome City Gym & Veilstone City gym have changed layout. Eterna City's gym now features a middle area which rotates to give access to another area if you have defeated a trainer. Hearthome City Gym featues mazes with trainers looking through it. You need to find a symbol on the floor and go through the door that matches that symbol. Veilstone City Gym now features a puzzle which involves moving punching bags to access new areas
  • The Eterna & Veilstone Galactic Buildings have been enhanced with different layouts and setups.
  • The Global Trade Station has been dramatically enhanced to include functionality from the Vs. Recorder


  • The gym rosters have been updated to feature different Pokémon at different levels. Rather than focusing on the types of moves, the gyms return back to having Pokémon of that specific type. Click here for further details
  • In the Underground, Skull Fossils are found if your Trainer ID is Odd while Armor Fossils are found if your Trainer ID is even.
  • The order you battle the gyms in has changed. Hearthome City Gym is now the third gym you will battle, pushing Veilstone & Pastoria back to 4th and 5th respectively.
  • The Elite Four's teams and levels have also been updated due to the inclusion of new Pokémon in the Sinnoh Dex. They are also rebattleable at higher levels. Click here for further details
  • The main storyline has been enhanced greatly, giving more backstory to Cyrus and showing their plans are even more grand than in Diamond & Pearl. The storyline also continues on after the defeat of Cyrus up into you reach Stark Mountain to find more details about the rest of the Galactic Admin's plans.
  • Dawn, Lucas & the Rival all have different looks to reflect the change in Sinnoh's climate.
  • Your Rival is now rebattlable in the Survival Area with his Pokémon increasing in level from around Level 60 up to and including Level 85. They are increased as the amount of times you beat the Elite Four increases. Click here for further details
  • Various moves have changed their animations to be quicker and crisper graphically.
  • The attack, Hypnosis now has an accuracy of 60%.
  • The speed while Surfing has been dramtically increased.
  • The Graphical User Interface has changed to reflect the area that you are battling in. The layout of the interface has also included an enhancement graphically.
  • You can now batch-buy Honey in Floaroma Meadow.
  • The Pokétch has gained a visual update including a back button. One of the event applications has also become available in Pastoria City. Click here for further details
  • HM04 & HM05 are now found within Iron Island & Solaceon Ruins respectively.
  • The prices in the Floaroma Accessory Shop are considerably cheaper.
  • The method of recieving the Macho Brace from the person in Pastoria City has changed from showing him all 3 Burmy to showing him a Male and a Female Combee.