The Distortion World is an entirely new concept within the Pokémon games. Following the legend of Giratina living in another dimension, the game has you enter the Distortion World in order to further complete the game. Once you reach the Spear Pillar to beat Team Galactic who are trying to awaken Dialga & Palkia, you will go into the Distortion World. You can only go to the Distortion World a couple of times so relish the opportunity. Make sure to bring Pokémon with Surf & Strength with you, although you would have needed them to get this far anyway

Spear Pillar Entrance

The Distortion World is a relatively barren place, with no items to be found and no Wild Pokémon. There are platforms everywhere all at various heights and you have to navigate your way around it. You and Cynthia are both there as Cyrus went in with the hope of getting Giratina to create the perfect world

As the Distortion World is a bunch of multiple earthy platforms, usually far from eachother, there are a massive variety of platforms in which you can step on them in order to move them to another area. Most of these platforms have four touch sensitive tiles. If you walk onto them and the platform is meant to go that way, then the platform will head in that direction. This is the only way to get through the Distortion World to get to the various areas

Platforms with a tile in the middle will have the ability to go up or down various levels. Think of them as lifts and so you will have to use them to follow through the puzzles in the game

While travelling through the Distortion World, you will constantly see things appear or disappear as you aproach them. These include small platforms, trees, rocks and so on. So if you are unsure where to go and see a little peninsula in the platform, just go to jump off it and a platform will appear. If the path appears to be blocked, then give it a try to walk through the scenery, chances are it will disappear & have other bits re-appear. This is all based upon proximity so you will see them appear and disappear a fair bit.

As well as the Platform hoping, there are also times where your perspective changes and you go on a platform which isn't following the same top to bottom rules. The controls here work in the same way as they normally do, press up to go what is up on the screen and so forth so you can try not to lose your head with controls between this. You can go on all four sides of the screen when you go through the Distortion World and one even has you Surf upside-down and then go down a massive waterfall to the bottom

When you approach upon the end of the Distortion World, you will start seeing the pixies (Mesprite, Azelf & Uxie) who will offer you help on what to do. Nearby, there should be a rock you can use strength on. Push it down the hole to the level beneath and then find you way down that level, which may require a bit of backtracking. Once there, you need to push the boulder into another hole, this one is the one that the respective Pokémon. This will open up another Platform that lets you & Cynthia down to the bottom level to find Cyrus

Once you get to the end of the Distortion World after completing the Strength Puzzle, you will go down to the bottom level and find Cyrus. As you have been following him through the Distortion World, Cyrus will start to get annoyed and follow his delusions of grandeur and challenge you to a battle, saying nothing will defeat him. Once you have defeated him, he'll let you go on as Giratina seems to now be angered;

Cyrus Houndoom
Lv. 45
Lv. 46
Lv. 46
Lv. 47
Lv. 48

At the end of the Distortion World, you will find Giratina. cynthia tells you that you must defeat it or the Distortion World will destroy the real world. Go up to it and battle it. It's at Level 47 and should be an easy capture. Once done, you'll be sent back to the Spring Path, unable to return to the Distortion World until later

Giratina - Origin Forme
Level 47

Turnback Cave Entrance

After you have defeated the Elite Four, you will be able to into Turnback Cave, which Cynthia was blocking your entry to. If you follow the puzzle here, where you have to get by three Pillars in randomised rooms before you hit a 30 room count, then instead of finding Giratina there like in DP, you find another entrance to the Distortion World. Go into it by interacting with it

From here, you enter a new part of the Distortion World. This area is pretty small and just has the flat perspective and a few platform hops. Once you get towards the end of it, you will find the item; Griseous Orb. This item is the only way of keeping Giratina in it's Origin Forme while outside of the Distortion World. There is literally nothing else here so once you've got it, you can leave.