AR Viewer

The Augmented Reality Viewer is the main game aspect of Pokédex 3D. This viewer utilises the unique AR Marker which every Pokémon has and uses it as a frame of reference in order to put the Pokémon into the real world through the Nintendo 3DS camera. These AR Markers are given to you when you obtain the Pokémon and will require printing out by you using a printer.

In the AR Viewer, you can view your Pokémon in the real world. Using the 3DS, you can make them enact scenes and react to real life obstacles. As the AR markers are all unique, you can have multiple different species of Pokémon up on the screen at any time.. Using the A button, you can make the Pokémon animate and you can throw bait at them in order to get brilliant pictures which you can save to your SD card and share with your friends.

Once you get 30 stickers, you gain access to the Note action which allows you to throw a note at them in order for them to play their cry. Next, if you obtain 50 stickers, you have the ability to set an image as a background and use another photo. This is helpful if you want to get a picture of two Pokémon attacking eachother. In addition to this, you can load an image previously on your SD card and superimpose the Pokémon into that image. When you reach 100 stickers, you then get a scale feature which allows you to scale the Pokémon based on Model Size/Standard Size and have a model to increase/decrease the size at will. At 150 stickers, you unlock the Stopwatch which will freeze the Pokémon in the middle of its animation

In addition to this, if you scan a Pokémon's AR Marker which you have yet to see, you will obtain their marker which gives you an increased chance of earning it through Spot Pass each day.


There are however, numerous limits to the Augmented Reality Viewer. Firstly, you can't get too close or too low in comparison with the Augmented Reality card else the 3DS camera will lose tracking of it. As such, you also need sufficient lighting. Finally, you can not have more than 8 Pokémon on the screen at any one time, but this limit is enhancable as you collect more stickers.