Like previous Pokémon games, there are certain Pokémon that you'll be unable to receive through Spot Pass on your own, instead having to share with various friends using the Get/Receive feature of the game. Most of these are just simple forms, but there are certain Pokémon you'll be unable to get. Even though you can scan their AR markers, you will not receive ones from different sets over SpotPass

The Monkeys

The main exclusives of this game are the monkeys. These are the only specific Pokémon species which you will not be able to get yourself but will have to trade between the games in order to get them. You'll have access yourself to only one of the three different evolution chains. The options are as follows

Set 1Set 2Set 3
#511 Pansage#513 Pansear#515 Panpour
#512 Simisage#514 Simisear#516 Simipour

Gender Differences

Gender differences are also shown here through specific exclusivities with Unfezant, Jellicent & Frillish all having set Gender Differences. For Frillish & Jellicent, you shall definitely receive the same gender, but Unfezant runs off of a seperate set so you could receive a male Unfezant but female Frillish & Jellicent

Set 1Set 2
#521 Unfezant#521 Unfezant
Set 1Set 2
#592 Frillish#592 Frillish
#593 Jellicent #593 Jellicent

Form Changes

Multiple Pokémon in the Unova Pokédex have got alternate forms and, while Basculin and Darmanitan's forms are all available, Deerling & Sawsbuck run off of another set with you only receiving one of their four forms, requiring you to have to receive from three friends in order to get a full batch.

Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4
#585 Deerling#585 Deerling#585 Deerling#585 Deerling
#586 Sawsbuck#586 Sawsbuck#586 Sawsbuck#586 Sawsbuck