#0146 Moltres
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Picture Name Numbers Type
Moltres Artwork
Regular Form Galarian Form
English: Moltres
Japan: Fire
French: Sulfura
German: Lavados
Korean: 파이어
National : #0146
Kanto (RBY): #146
Kanto (Let's Go): #146
Johto (GSC): #237
Johto (HGSS): #242
Coastal Kalos: #153
Crown Tundra: #204
Normal Fire-type Flying-type
Galarian Dark-type Flying-type
Classification Height Weight
Flame Pokémon (Kantonian)
Malevolent Pokémon (Galarian)
6'07" / 6'07"
2m / 2m
132.3lbs / 145.5lbs
60kg / 66kg
Evolutionary Chain
Alternate Forms
Kantonian FormGalarian Form
Kantonian FormGalarian Form
Moltres is one of several Pokémon that have Region Forms. If caught in Galar, it will have its Galarian Form

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