Unlike previous games, when you capture a Boss, you do have the ability to rematch them to better your score and gain lots of experience. This is done by completing a quest for Nema where you need to get her a Jolteon, Ampharos, Electrode, Electivire & Manectric. Once done, she will teleport you to an area that looks just like Dolce Island did. After each battle Nema will heal your Pokémon. However, any Pokémon whom you lost will not be replaced. In addition to bosses, a variety of Pokémon you previously battled but aren't located elsewhere are here. They all follow the same tactics as earlier in the game and have the same Hit Points. However, Pokémon you previously battled in the sky will now make contact with your Styler. Below is a list of the areas and all Pokémon found within it. You need to have battled them previously to get them here

Area 1

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist
R-058 Lapras Water Water
R-092 Feraligatr Water Slam * 1 Water
R-159 Typhlosion Fire Slam * 1 Fire
R-249 Suicune Water Water
R-282 Mamoswine Ground Slam * 4 Ground

Area 2

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist
R-044 Crobat Poison Slash * 1 Poison
R-057 Celebi Grass Grass
R-112 Magnezone Electric Electrify * 3 Recharge
R-141 Torterra Grass Slam * 4 Grass
R-172 Meganium Grass Slash * 1 Grass
R-208 Charizard Fire Break * 4 Fire
R-291 Ditto Normal Normal

Area 3

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist
R-126 Raikou Electric Electric
R-186 Entei Fire Fire
R-223 Scizor Steel Slash * 4 Steel
R-226 Metagross Steel Break * 1 Steel
R-287 Rhyperior Rock Slam * 4 Rock
R-292 Regigigas Normal Normal

Area 4

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist
R-201 Garchomp Dragon Break * 1 Dragon
R-205 Yanmega Bug Slash * 4 Bug
R-222 Scyther Bug Slash * 2 Bug
R-278 Latias Psychic Psychic
R-279 Latios Psychic Psychic
R-293 Mewtwo Psychic Psy Power * 1 Psychic