Like all main & RangerPokémon games before it, Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs allows you to fly to and from the different areas in the game. This allows for instantaneous transport across the massive regions.

Flying Process

You unlock Flying when you free a cage of Staraptor in Hinder Cape after you have defeated the Suicune at Canal Ruins. Now, Staraptor is around all of Oblivia allowing you to Fly for quick and easy access. however, this is not the first time you fly. Prior to obtaining this, there are two parts of the game where you are flying on a Staraptor chasing after the Pokémon Nappers. You control your Staraptor with the Touch Screen, moving the stylus on the screen to move your Pokémon. It is necessary to move in order to avoid the energy balls being shot at you by the enemy. Green are slow moving balls, pink are rapid fire. There are numerous instances of you having to do this.

Flying for Navigation

When you unlock the standard flying, it is controlled in a similar method. The more left your stylus is pointed, the sharper your turn. When you press down the stylus on the screen, your Pokémon gets a boost in speed. When you near an area in which you can land, an icon will come up saying for you to press Y. Press the button and you will land in that area.

A variety of Pokémon live in the sky, all flying so you need to chase them down in order to begin a capture of them. With the capturing while flying, the Pokémon will never make physical contact with your line unless they are doing an attack. Some Pokémon are faster than Staraptor so you'll also be unable to get them until you have unlocked Latios/Latias.

If you do not wish to physically fly to each area, you have the ability of bringing up a menu which lists all the areas you have been to. Select the area and you'll automatically go there. However, if you're heading for a new area, then you have to physically fly to it.

Latios & Latias

Once you obtain Latios/Latias later in the game, you will find your flying abilities have been boosted. First, if you hold down the stylus or the B button, Latios will fly faster, allowing you to catch up with fast Pokémon. Secondly, it also has an Assist in battle similar to the Ukulele Pichu. After a duration in battle, Latios/Latias' head will appear. Touch the head and Latios/Latias will create an enormous cyclone that traps all the Pokémon on screen so they cannot move

Pokémon Keeping

All the Pokémon within the sky have special field abilities just like all other Pokémon. On first glance, you will think this is un-necessary, but there is a way to get the Pokémon you have captured in the Sky down to Oblivia. In Aqua Resort on Sophian Island, you will see this Lady by the docks. Talk to her and she will tell you she can play her instrument to call the Pokémon down. The Pokémon that you can call are only the species that you have captured while you have had the ability to fly yourself.

Select the Pokémon and you shall be able to use them in your force and have their abilities on hand at any time.

Rare Pokémon

Whenever you fly in the sky, there are a variety of Pokémon for you to find dotted around including Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Starly, Staravia and Drifloon. However, each time you fly up, there is one rare Pokémon chose at random that dwells between Sophian Island and Mitonga Island and two which don't. These Pokémon are ultra rare and super fast so you'll be unlikely to catch them until you have Latios or Latias. The rare Pokémon found here are as follows

Ranger No. Picture Name Type Field Ability Assist
R-003 Pidgeot Flying Slash * 3 Flying
R-056 Honchkrow(After Game is Beaten) Dark Slash * 3 Dark
R-155 Togekiss (After Game is Beaten) Normal Slash * 3 Normal
R-231 Skarmory Steel Slam * 3 Flying
R-233 Drifblim Ghost Psy Power * 1 Ghost
R-234 Chatot Flying Slash * 2 Flying