Poké Glam

Poké Glam is a new feature introduced in Version 1.5 which allows for you to add decorations to your Pokémon. These decorations are available in the Swap Shop in the Battle Royale and rotate with each cup.

When purchased, you can assign your Poké Glam to any of your Pokémon. However, when you assign it, it disappears and can no longer be used meaning you have to purchase it again in order to assign it to a different Pokémon.

The Poké Glam will appear any time the Pokémon it is assigned to is in use, including if your Pokémon appear in balloons or Battle Royale for other players

Poké Glam Image

List of all Poké Glam

Poké Glam Available Cup
Sulfur Dust Arceus Cup
Psychic-type Prints Lunala Cup
Ghost-type Prints Lunala Cup
Sulfur Dust Lunala Cup
Bug-type Prints Pheromosa Cup
Fighting-type Prints Pheromosa Cup
Mushroom Balloons Pheromosa Cup
Rock-type Prints Diancie Cup
Petal Aura Diancie Cup
Steel-type Prints Zekrom Cup
Fun Balloons Zekrom Cup
Steel-type Prints Cobalion Cup
Fun Balloons Cobalion Cup
Dragon-type Prints Zygarde Cup
Sulfur Dust Zygarde Cup
Grass-type Prints Shaymin Cup
Petal Aura Shaymin Cup
Water-type Prints Kyogre Cup
Rain Confetti Kyogre Cup
Psychic-type Prints Mewtwo Cup
Star Aura Mewtwo Cup
Fire-type Prints Torchic Cup
Fun Balloons Torchic Cup