In the main area of the game, before you go off on your adventure, you have the ability to access Tournaments. The Tournaments are a Super Boss Rush where you are set against multiple Super Bosses within a time limit. If you success, you will get a reward and go to the next round.

You can only participate in 1 Tournament attempt a day, having to wait in order to try again if you lost or move to the next round

Tournament Image

List of Tournaments

Name Duration Round Target CP Time Reward Bosses

Charizard's Island Home

May 15th 2019 - June 5th 2019 Prelims First Round 300 CP 60 Seconds 1,000 Coins Psyduck Sprite Starmie Sprite
Prelims Finals 800 CP 90 Seconds 10,000 Coins Hitmonlee Sprite Onix Sprite Machamp Sprite
Normal Class 1900 CP 90 Seconds 15,000 Coins Weezing Sprite Marowak Sprite Gengar Sprite
Great Class 3000 CP 90 Seconds 20,000 Seadra Sprite Charizard Sprite Dragonite Sprite
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