The game has got a ranking system. As you collect more Pokémon in the game, you will occassionally rank up. Ranking up doesn't alter much but does give you a lot more storage space. The rank will go up continually and will help boost up your storage for Pokémon and Power Gears


Ranks & Rewards

210 Pokémon
310 Power Gear
410 Pokémon
510 Power Gear
610 Pokémon
710 Power Gear
810 Pokémon
910 Power Gear
1010 Pokémon
50 Power Gear
1110 Power Gear
1210 Pokémon
1310 Power Gear
1410 Pokémon
1510 Power Gear
1610 Pokémon
1710 Power Gear
1810 Pokémon
1910 Power Gear
2010 Pokémon
50 Power Gear
2110 Power Gear
2210 Pokémon
2310 Power Gear
2410 Pokémon
2510 Power Gear
2610 Pokémon
2710 Power Gear
2810 Pokémon
2910 Power Gear
3010 Pokémon
50 Power Gear
3110 Power Gear
3210 Pokémon
3310 Power Gear
3410 Pokémon
3510 Power Gear
3610 Pokémon
3710 Power Gear
3810 Pokémon
3910 Power Gear
4010 Pokémon
50 Power Gear
4110 Power Gear
4210 Pokémon
4310 Power Gear
4410 Pokémon
4510 Power Gear
4610 Pokémon
4710 Power Gear
4810 Pokémon
4910 Power Gear
5010 Pokémon
50 Power Gear

Island Ranks

There's also some island ranks. After you defeat each Super Boss on an island, your Island Rank increases. This alters a variety of things

First it alters the available CP of the Pokémon you will find in the wild. It increases both the bottom and top capabilities, but you can receive Pokémon above the maximum CP if it's a 5-Star Move Pokémon

Secondly, it also affects the Ore you collect in stages. As your rank increases, the Ore will provide more Gears upon refining.

Ore Ranks
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