The Italian plumber's famous fire ball and tornado attack are here, as well as a coin-scattering super punch.

Donkey Kong

The lumbering gorilla can pull off a spin attack as well as some Earth-shaking punches.


Can launch powerful attacks with his sword. Also rather handily wields two other weapons to great effect: bombs and his boomerang.


Long-distance attacks (charge beam) and air attacks a specialty. Can roll up in a ball, launch a screw attack and lay bombs.


Capable of very high jumps. Can catch hold of enemies with his tongue and change them into an egg. Can also spit them off the platform and do his famous butt-stomp.


Has the ability to mimic his opponents' killer attacks by sucking them in. Can also fly for a short time and slam down hard by changing into a brick. Also does a great E. Honda impression if you tap A repeatedly.


Has the advantage of speed and lightning-quick mid-air attacks. Can also use his blaster, reflect attacks and do a scorching Fire Fox launch.


Can move and turn on a dime very quickly. Can also inflict damage with his electric shock attack and teleport to safety. One of the strongest characters in the game.


The often neglected green brother features Mario's moves.


A super-cute Pokémon with big eyes. Good for kicking… Sings its opponents to sleep.

Captain Falcon

F-Zero X's super-fast racing stud dishes out devastating Falcon punches.


The boy from Mother (EarthBound) fights with magic, a yoyo and his trademark baseball bat.

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