Players get to choose from eight Nintendo mascots (and four hidden) and fight in nine famous Nintedo locatoins, anywhere from Zelda's Hyrule to Planet Zebes from Metroid. The stages scroll left to right and up and down. The game is basically a 2D fighter with 3D graphics.

Each character (and stage) have their unique and features. For example, a floating barrel in Donkey Kong's stage can prevent characters from falling off the stage, and randomly appearing Pokémon in Saffron City.

The gameplay is simple, kick, punch or throw characters off platforms to score points. This sounds easier than it actually is because each character can pull off multiple jumps and return to the ground. Each character also has a damage meter that increases with every hit. The higher the damage, the further you get thrown. The A and B buttons attack, wile the R button grabs or kicks in the air. C Buttons make you jump and L triggers a finishing pose (do this at the end to rub it in and earn extra points) and Z is a shield.

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