• Beam Sword: Nintendo's version of the Star Wars lightsaber.

  • Hammer: The famous Donkey Kong hammer. You can still jump, but only once.

  • Fan: Quick attack, but doesn't do much damage. Good for throwing.

  • Home Run Bat: Hit your opponents Griffey-style.

  • Fire Flower: Another famous Mario item. Will cause fiery breath.

  • Ray Gun: The Star Fox blaster can fire 16 shots.

  • Star Rod: Clobber your opponents or shoot 20 stars.

  • Maxim Tomato: Recovers up to 100% on the damage meter.

  • Heart Container: Link's heart power-up returns your damage meter to 0%.

  • Star: You'll be invincible for as long as the music plays.

  • Green Shell: Slides around and damages everyone.

  • Red Shell: This one bounces back and forth to home in on players.
  • Crate: Throw it at opponents. Shatters on impact
  • Barrel: Can be thrown at opponents. Will roll around.
  • Chansey Egg: Contains power-ups.
  • Capsule: Throw at opponents for extra damage or open to find items.

  • Motion Sensor Bomb: Stick to surfaces and will blow up anyone who steps on them. GoldenEye flashback, anyone?

  • Bob-omb: Mario's walking bomb adversaries explode on impact or start to walk around if left alone.

  • Bumper: This pinball bumper can be thrown at opponents to bump them off the stage.

  • Poke Ball: Throw a Poké Ball and one of 13 different Pokémon will emerge to attack the nearest enemy. The Pokémon are as follows:

    Charizard: Stays still and uses Fire Spin, which shoots fire to the left and right. Use the area covered by flame as a shield.

    Koffing : Uses Smog, creating a cloud of poisonous gas. Don't get caught!

    Snorlax : Jumps up to the top of the screen, hurting anyone in the way, then uses Body Slam, falling down to severely crush any enemies beneath it. Sounds like a toilet flushing.

    Onix : Flies up to the top, and uses Rock Throw, knocking down several boulders that can damage all those below.

    Chansey : Uses Softboiled, producing eggs that can be thrown as a weapon, or broken open to reveal a pick-up.

    Blastoise : Uses Hydro Pump, shooting water horizontally. Can cause multiple damage.

    Hitmonlee : Uses Hi Jump Kick, a very powerful but inaccurate one-hit attack on one player. Shouts out it's phone number while attacking - "0-9... 6-6-8!!!"

    Starmie : Flies to the nearest enemy and uses Swift, a rapid-fire attack that can hit several times. Often gets it wrong and flies to a totally different place.

    Beedrill : A single Beedrill flies off one end of the screen, then summons a swarm of Beedrill who fly in the opposite way, and perform Twineedle on anyone who's unfortunate to get in the way.

    Goldeen : The booby prize. Uses Splash, which doesn't do a thing! It should have been a Magikarp, in my opinion.

    Mew : Mew is very rare. It just seems to fly up off the screen, without actually doing anything. It gives you an extra 18,000 points if you get it on one-player, though.

    Meowth : Uses Pay Day, rapidly firing out coins. The damage received depends on the proximity to Meowth himself, so the closer you are, the more coins'll hit you, and the more damage you'll take. I've seen someone take as much as 120% damage from a Meowth - the same as four Bob-Ombs.

    Clefairy : Uses Metronome, performing a random Pokémon attack.

    Bear in mind that Pokémon that you released can't hurt you, so try and lure other fighters into their attacks. Team up with your Pokémon! Catchphrases: "Poké Ball - GO!"

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