Unlike its Japanese-only predecessor, Pokémon Stadium introduced the concept of mini-games in the game. These games can be played on your own or with other players and can be played one game at a time or in the "Who's The Best?" mode which continues on until someone gets a certain amount of wins.

When playing against the computer, you have four different settings of difficulty; Easy, Normal and Hard with a special difficulty: Hyper. To gain the Hyper difficulty, you need to play a "Who's The Best?" match with three computer players on Hard. Win 5 games in a row with no losses and the Hyper mode is activated.

Magikarp's Splash

This mini-game is a relatively simple one where you control a Magikarp and have to hit the counter at the top. This is done by pressing the A button. To make Magikarp jump high, you need to press and hold the button and you have the ability to quickly jump again by tapping the button when you land.

A Button: Jump
Clefairy Says

This game is a simple memory game where a number of directions are shown on the blackboard in the back of the room. When the time goes on, you have to press the directions in order on the D-Pad. These actions are then shown on screen and Clefairy which make an error get a mark above their head. The Clefairy with the least marks wins the game.

D-Pad: Directions
Run, Rattata Run

This game is a race between four Rattata as the run along a treadmill. To run with Rattata, you need to repeatedly press the A Button; the faster you press the button, the faster Rattata moves. Occassionally, a hurdle will appear on the course which you need to jump over utilising any of the buttons on the D-Pad

A-Button: Run
D-Pad: Jump
Snore War

This game is a game where a pendulum swings in the middle of the screen, increasing in speed with each swing. When the pendulum hits the middle part, you need to press the A Button to use Hypnosis. If you succeed, then the signal for Hypnosis is sent out. If however, you miss, your Drowzee falls asleep for a couple of swings. Once three Drowzee are simultaneously asleep, the game ends.

A-Button: Hypnosis
Thundering Dynamo

This game has you control Pikachu or Voltorb as they attempt to charge up a generator. A screen sits on the generator which will show the colours Green or Blue. When the colour is Green, you have to press the B Button repeatedly and when it is Blue, you have to hit the A Button repeatedly. The first Pokémon to fill their charge bar wins the game.

A Button: Charge
B Button: Charge

This game has you control Lickitung in a sushi restaurant. You need to move around and eat the various bits of sushi, each with a different score. The lowest sushi, a bit of wasabi, will cause Lickitung to speed up and run off, with no control over your actions. If you eat the same type of sushi in a row, you will get a multiplier

Control Stick: Move
A Button: Eat
Ekans' Hoop Hurl

This game has you aim an Ekans in a ring-toss situation to surround a Diglett. To aim, you need to use the D-Pad with a flick of the Control Stick determining how far the Ekans goes based upon the speed and distance of the control stick flick. A small flick will send Ekans to the front while a full one sends it to the back. You have 60 seconds to get the most hits.

Control Stick: Throw (Flick Down to Up
D-Pad: Aim
Rock Harden

This game has you control a Metapod or Kakuna. In this game, you need to use the move Harden to protect yourself from rocks getting thrown at you to prevent loss of Hit Points. To do this, you have to press the A Button. There is a catch to this game however, as the use of Harden drains the Pokémon's Hit Points. As such, you need to hit Harden just as the rock is about to hit your Pokémon. The winner is the Pokémon that survives.

A Button: Harden
Dig! Dig! Dig!

This game has you control a Sandshrew to dig into the ground. To dig, you need to alternate pressing L & R repeatedly to make Sandshrew dig. The first Pokémon to hit the underwater geyser is the winner.

L Button: Dig
R Button: Dig