Here are the pre-release images from Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure. Click the Link to view the picture:

Finding Zorua on a bridge
Selecting the first letters of the Pokémon; Pikachu, Victini & Torchic (Achamo)
Scyther is found on a route with Tepig and Sewaddle
The on-screen keyboard
Capturing Cobalion
Pikachu, Cherubi & Cinccino
Diglett & Drilbur
Oshawott on the bridge
The Overworld shaped like a keyboard
Emolga's dex entry
Pidove is captured in a Typing Ball
Virizion requires punctuation to be caught
Zekrom appears
Minccino on some balloons
Pikachu spelt the correct way
Pikachu spelt an elongated way
Victini in a warehouse
Chatot & Lilligant
Woobat, Gothitelle & Mr. Mime
Deerling in a Forest
The Playable Characters
Typing Elite Club Member Aoba
Eiji requests an investigation
Finding a Key
Solosis in the background
Delibird on the Ice
Catching Koffing
Catching Mightyena
Catching Misdreavus
Catching Lillipup
Catching Boldore
Catching Deino
Catching Blitzle
Catching Lapras after collecting the coins
Catching Serperior
Solosis after catching 20 Pokémon
Bouffalant near the exit
Snorunt in the snow
Unown is captured by typing the letter it represents
Sharpedo in the dark
A boss fight with Celebi
Zoroark uses Illusion
Snorlax gets captured
Glameow gets captured
Tutorial on teaching letters
Chimchar is captured
Using this signpost, you can learn to associate the characters with English letters
Capturing Blaziken
Deerling in its Winter Form
Lugia Attacks
High Levelled Groudon Attacks
Meowth Throws Coins
Chasing Croagunk
Croagunk Attacks
An Unown A
Custom Pikachu In-Game Keyboard Skin
Smoochum at evening
Darumaka is captured
Servine in the bay