#0907 Floragato
Gen VII Dex

| Liko |

Liko's Floragato

# -English Episode Name- -Jp. Episode Name- Pics
45 TBC To Places Far Far Away Pics
46 TBC How Thrilling! Naranja Academy! Pics
47 TBC Liko and Floragato, Put All Your Heart Into It Pics
48 TBC Shine! The Glimmer of Fire and Art Pics
49 TBC Dot & Nidothing Pics
50 TBC Terastallize for Social Media! Dance Dance Quaxly!! Pics
51 TBC A Prickly Floragato?! The Mysterious Flower Pillar Pics
52 TBC Storm Warning for Wattrell! Pics
53 TBC Hatenna and the Unworldly! Pics
54 TBC Eternal Blessings! Pics
55 TBC Showdown! The Paldea Elite Four! Pics
56 TBC Liko VS Rika! At the End of the Battle Pics
57 TBC A Terapagos I Don't Know! Pics
58 TBC The Mascot Pokémon is Kingambit?! Pics

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