Max Guard

Details Level Up TM Egg Move
Gen IX Dex Gen VIII Dex

Attack Name Battle Type Category
Max Guard
Power Points Base Power Accuracy
10 0 101
Battle Effect:
This move enables the user to protect itself from all attacks. Its chance of failing rises if it is used in succession.
In-Depth Effect:

This move acts similar to Protect and Detect but with a few changes. It does not receive reduced damage from Max Moves but blocks them entirely. It resists moves that would bypass Protect such as Phantom Force and Shadow Force. Feint damages beyond the Max Guard but does not break the guard for future uses

Secondary Effect: Effect Rate:
Prevents being hit by the opponent's Attack. May fail on successive uses -- %
Base Critical Hit Rate Speed Priority Pokémon Hit in Battle
None 4 Self
Physical Contact Sound-Type - Details Punch Move - Details Biting Move - Details Snatchable
No No No No No
Slicing Move - Details Bullet-Type - Details Wind Move - Details Powder Move Metronome
No No No No No
Affected by Gravity Defrosts When Used? Reflected By Magic Coat/Magic Bounce? Blocked by Protect/Detect? Copyable by Mirror Move?
No No No No No

Pokémon That Learn Max Guard By Breeding

No. Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats
HP Att Def S.Att S.Def Spd