Magnetic Flux Details Level Up TM Egg Move
Gen VII Dex Gen VI Dex

Attack Name Battle Type Category
Magnetic Flux
Power Points Base Power Accuracy
20 0 0
Battle Effect:
The user manipulates magnetic fields which raises the Defense and Sp. Def stats of ally Pokémon with the Plus or Minus Ability.
Secondary Effect: Effect Rate:
Raises DEFENSE and SP. DEF of ally Pokémon with Plus or Minus -- %
TM # Speed Priority Pokémon Hit in Battle
None 0 Party
Contest Type Appeal Jam
Contest Effect
Gets the Pokémon pumped up. Helps prevent nervousness, too.
Physical Contact Sound-Type - Details Punch Move - Details Snatchable Usable in Sky Battles?
No No No Yes Yes
Defrosts When Used? Hits the opposite side in Triple Battles? Reflected By Magic Coat/Magic Bounce? Blocked by Protect/Detect? Copyable by Mirror Move?
No Yes No No No

Pokémon That Learn Magnetic Flux By Level Up
No. Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats Level
HP Att Def S.Att S.Def Spd XY ΩRαS
Electrode Soundproof
60 50 70 80 80 140 Lv. 1Lv. 1
Ampharos Static
90 75 85 115 90 55 Lv. 1Lv. 1
Magnezone Magnet Pull
70 70 115 130 90 60 Lv. 1Lv. 1
Klinklang Plus
Clear Body
60 100 115 70 85 90 Lv. 1
Lv. 76
Lv. 1
Lv. 76
Pokémon That Learn Magnetic Flux By Breeding:

No. Pic Name Type Abilities Base Stats
HP Att Def S.Att S.Def Spd

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