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Mt. Mistral

Amount of Floors - 20F
Unlock Criterea - Acquired through optional rescue missions
Boss - None

No. Name Floors Found on
#018 Pidgeot 1F-19F
#022 Fearow 1F-19F
#049 Venomoth 1F-19F
#142 Aerodactyl 1F-19F
#189 Jumpluff 1F-19F
#277 Swellow 1F-19F
#330 Flygon 1F-19F
#398 Staraptor 1F-19F
#414 Mothim 1F-19F
#426 Drifblim 1F-19F
#429 Mismagius 1F-19F
#472 Gliscor 1F-19F
#250 Ho-Oh 19F
(Requires StonePlate or Enigma Part)

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