Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, continues many game mechanics introduced by its predecessors, but also adds and alters many more to fit the new game. This page details those mechanics, both new and altered.

Outside Areas

One of the brand new features within dungeons is the inclusion of outside areas. In multiple dungeons, these areas take over several floors and drop the grid-based movement and combat. Instead, you have the ability to move freely throughout the area and avoid wild Pokémon.

Should you interact with the wild Pokémon, a battle will ensue. These battles match the standard battle mechanics of inside the standard dungeons. There are also a number of puzzles you may have to complete and items are found in sparkling spots.

Move Levels

A brand new feature to Pokémon Mystery Dungeon is the inclusion of move levels. Each time you successfully use a move, it will increase a bar in a counter by it. This will indicate the power. After it has filled the bar three times, it will level up, as indicated by roman numerals above it. When a move has leveled up, it is increased in power, accuracy and PP.

The most interesting bit about this feature is that if you level up Thunderbolt on Pikachu to VII, all Pokémon who have Thunderbolt or will have Thunderbolt in the future will have Thunderbolt as VII


Hunger has been one of the more core mechanics of the entire Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. However, in this game, Hunger is noticiably absent for the majority of the game. Throughout the game, you will continue to get increased Hit Points as you proceed, like in the previous games, but you never have to worry about the hunger meter going down.

There are, however, several dungeons in the post-game where the Hunger mechanic makes a return. Throughout these dungeons, you will find the familiar Apples which will increase the hunger value giving you more time. If your hunger meter drops to 0, then your Pokémon will start losing HP when moving.

The dungeons that Hunger is in are: The Furthest Cape, Sleeping Icy Cave and Non-Changing Land.

V Wave

The V Wave is a new feature that is introduced when Victini arrives in the Pokémon Paradise. This feature will randomly choose a type each in-game day. Based on the type chosen, the strength of moves is increased and reduction of PP is decreased for all moves of the corresponding type. This will change after each mission or adventure in a dungeon.

You can, however, manipulate it using Victini's V-Roulette in the Pokémon Paradise. By putting money into the roulette, you get more of a chance of the roulette landing on Victini which allows you to choose the specific type of the roulette.

Everyone Attack

As you travel through the dungeon and defeat various Pokémon, you will soon find that a special badge will come up in the top left screen and be accessible on the bottom screen. This opens up the Everyone Attack mode. This varies slightly depending on your Pokémon but when activated, will blow all the Pokémon in the room away, usually defeating them. It will then do the customised bit of raising your Pokémon's stats, the stat of which is based on your lead Pokémon.

Team Skill

In the previous Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games, various skills were determined based upon specific IQ groups of each species of Pokémon. This has changed in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity where skills similar to that are classed as Team Skills. These are always activated once found and range from skills that make the partner Pokémon more likely to use Super Effective attacks to making sure that they do not step on traps.

Unlike the past games where more are unlocked based on the IQ of the Pokémon, Team Skills are found within various chests found in the dungeons.

Dungeon Aura

When you have finished the game, you will be informed that there are several strange waves across all the dungeons. In the dungeon list, it will notify you as to how many there are in each dungeon. When you enter the dungeon, a number of floors will have these strange waves. The waves all have varied effects including blocking Hit Points from regnerating to increased PP Usage, putting all opponents to sleep and the activation of weather.

The floors that are activated by these are completely random in each entry of the dungeon.

Dungeon Switching

Another of the brand new features within dungeons is a feature where you will randomly go into another dungeon when you access stairs. This only occurs after the completion of the game and will send you to any of the non-DLC dungeons. This change will last for a few floors and when you return to previous dungeon, you will be at the floor equivilant to how many floors you missed. So if you left the dungeon on 3F and were gone for 5 floors, you'd return at 9F.