Here are the pre-release images from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Click the thumbnail to view the picture:

September 14th/15th 2012
VS Archen
Awaking as Axew
Awaking as Axew
Receiving a mission from Dunsparce
Facing two Excadrill
Gurdurr Appears
Hydreigon Appears
Visiting Kecleon's Store
Scanning a CD
The Magnagate opens
Magnagate leads to a dungeon!
Pikachu on a cliffside
Pikachu & Axew
Virizion Appears
Within a cave
Against Pansage & Roggenrola
In a beach dungeon!
The stairs go up to the next level
Various tiles boost your stats
You sometimes find a locked door
Attacks are well animated
Pokémon can now have four moves
In a beach dungeon!
VS Zorua
VS Zorua
Finding stairs
Finding stairs
Pikachu is chosen
Falling from the sky!
Dewott has entered a dungeon!
October 14th/15th 2012
Moving in a cave
Having moved, the other Pokémon has moved
Attacking with the standard tackle
Selecting another move
Pikachu uses Thunderbolt
Pikachu calls upon a Team Skill
Everyone Attack - Mode activated
Everyone Attack - Pikachu's move
Dunsparce will join you
Emolga will join you
Hydreigon Appears
Pikachu calls upon a Team Skill
Pansear makes a shop
Pansear makes a shop
Pansage is growing Oran Berries
Watchog has opened a store
Beartic's Store
The mini-game at Beartic's Store
Quagsire's store allows you to check your members
Checking Sewaddle's stats
Scraggy's store allows you to remember moves
Azumarill monitors the  noticeboard for new missions
V-Roulette is running
Victini's Store
Kyurem Appears
Entering a Magnagate
Using a berry
Pikachu uses an item
It clears the area
Pikachu uses Thunder
Thunder is powered up
Thunder does more damage
Victini arrives
Quagsire comes to help out
Gurdurr is ready to build!
Timburr are Gurdurr's helpers
October 25th 2012
PokéForest DLC: Sneaking past sleeping Pokémon
PokéForest DLC: Collect as much money as possible
November 14th/15th 2012
Visiting Cofagrigus' Gold Gorgeous Store
Visiting Rampardos' store
In a standard Dungeon
Finding a locked door
Facing Terrakion in battle
Terrakion appears in the Pokémon Paradise
Finding Tornadus in a Dungeon
Finding Landorus in a Dungeon
Battling Zekrom at the end of a dungeon
Zekrom Appears
Zekrom Appears
Espeon & Umbreon make a discovery
Espeon & Umbreon open a gateway
Local play in the Pokémon Paradise
Four players are in a dungeon together
Four players are battling Reshiram
Entering a beautiful forest
Controlling Emolga in companion mode
Controlling Emolga in companion mode
Sending a Revival Seed
Helping Woobat create a store
Downloading DLC with Foongus
Collapsing in a dungeon