Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, like the WiiWare versions have got a variety of passwords that unlock a variety of features in-game. These range from Pokémon to items. The passwords are entered in the menu when in the Pokémon Paradise. From there, they will automatically unlock whatever they are designed to unlock.

Gift Password Obtained Release
North America
All Protect Orb 2C3YJ43F Official Site - Select Pikachu March 24th 2013
Gold Scope KQM4W3H2 Official Site - Select Axew March 24th 2013
Joy Ribbon P326J5WX Official Site - Select Snivy March 24th 2013
Reviver Seeds MFN89K9X Official Site - Select Tepig March 24th 2013
Joy Seed JTN34N92 Official Site - Select Oshawott March 24th 2013
Reviver Seeds XN83N4W6 Game Manual March 24th 2013
Reviver Seeds KQ5ST45X Official Site March 24th 2013
Golden Seed 5PMHM339 Official Site March 31st 2013
Fire Gift W3KCMQMP Nintendo of Canada March 31st 2013
Gold Ribbon 7F3CJ9FP Nintendo of Canada March 31st 2013
Sitrus Berry NT6MYXRQ Nintendo of Canada March 31st 2013
PP Manual 6SM86QY3 Nintendo of Canada March 31st 2013
Protein K93YR926 Nintendo of Canada March 31st 2013
Blue Key NPWRWH8Q Nintendo of America April 5th 2013
Iron 8W7TNK36 EBGames April 5th 2013
Fighting Gift JMK5MFKS EBGames April 19th 2013
Psychic Gift M676YKQN April 20th 2013
Oran Berry 3CMS47R2 EBGames April 26th 2013
European Version
Reviver Seeds 9H6R9QSS Game Manual May 17th 2013
All Protect Orb Q858FWH2 Official Site - Select Pikachu May 31st 2013
Gold Scope 3K9RNQC3 Official Site - Select Axew May 31st 2013
Joy Ribbon 3W29MF3N Official Site - Select Snivy May 31st 2013
Joy Seed FXT4NX7N Official Site - Select Oshawott May 31st 2013
Japanese Version
Paralysis Prevention Flag C646T5CK Official Site - Select Pikachu October 2012
Effort Flag HK3JHWW9 Official Site - Select Axew October 2012
Never Sleep Flag SP38XJ35 Official Site - Select Snivy October 2012
Never Deceived Flag CQP342QH Official Site - Select Tepig October 2012
Poison Prevention Flag 2HN9KXHF Official Site - Select Oshawott October 2012
Gold Seed W4KRK4XH CoroCoro November 2012
Violent Seed 863Y3SQC V Jump November 2012
Ghost Gift 8TSMFYP6 Pokémon Fan November 2012
Dragon Gift P5HK562S Dengeki Kids DS+Wii November 2012
Rock Gift K7969XM8 CoroCoro Ichiban November 2012
Normal Gift RQRPM92J Famitsu DS + Wii November 2012
Ground Gift XH4233YF Official Strategy Guide November 2012
Red Key S3TH8HM8 Famitsu Weekly November 2012
Zinc WS2M275T Retail Pamphlet November 2012
Protein 62S6Q4YN Nintendo Dream November 2012
Sitrus Berry WFK2W6NJ Pokémon Daisuki Club November 2012
Revival Seed P483K4XN Game Manual November 2012
Happy Ribbon RMS2MHMW Tsutaya DS November 2012
Oran Berry STS6YCW5 Pokémon Centres November 2012
Lottery Ticket 4CHS8MN4 Pokémon Centres November 2012
Steel Gift 6W9XNM9N Namco website November 2012
All Strength Stone 5SFPHSF5 FLET Official Home Page November 2012
Joy Seed 6WK2WT36 Yamada Denki November 2012
Gold Ribbon Q2TWS8M9 GEO November 2012
Slumber Orb XF8TX5HS Flet's Light Member's Club November 2012
Iron 4S9PJQP2 Kerokero Ace November 2012
Calcium 54M765Y6 Press Release November 2012
Fire Gift JQ3Q3T29 First Grade School Magazine - January Issue November 2012
Recover Ribbon W68NKMFQ 7/11 - Seven Spots December 2012
Healthy Orb 9PRJ7WQX 7/11 - Seven Spots December 2012
Psychic Gift 8S3M4JHK TV & Game Magazine December 2012
Electric Gift 4JYYK242 Chao - January Issue December 2012
Dark Gift NP529KP5 Kyarapafe - January Issue December 2012
Life Seed SQJX25FR Strongest Jump - January Issue December 2012
Ice Gift R2YC2RQH McDonald's Nintendo Zone December 2012
Blue Key MS2NT2N5 Pokémon Centers December 2012
TM - Return 8RC84HYC Pokémon Smash December 2012
Fighting Gift T8WJYJK3 Namco Nanja Town December 2012
Green Key H37Y9K5N Pokémon Centre December 2012
PP Secret Y978TS4Y Pokémon Centre December 2012
Grass Gift 6NW2R75W Terebi-kun February December 2012
Silver Lottery 85RH84P4 Shonen Jump January 2013
Power Secret 4MJ7XP8K Pokémon Centre January 2013
Co-operation Scarf P3N9FNSK 7/11 January 2013