Dungeon Listings

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX World Map

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX contain many Dungeons filled with various Pokémon differing between each dungeon. This section will list every Dungeon with every Pokémon found within.

Picture Dungeon Final Floor
Tiny Woods Thumbnail Tiny Woods B3F
Thunderwave Cave Thumbnail Thunderwave Cave B5F
Mt. Steel Thumbnail Mt. Steel 9F
Sinister Woods Thumbnail Sinister Woods 13F
Silent Chasm Thumbnail Silent Chasm B9F
Mt. Thunder Thumbnail Mt. Thunder 12F
Great Canyon Thumbnail Great Canyon 12F
Lapis Cave Thumbnail Lapis Cave B14F
Mt. Blaze Thumbnail Mt. Blaze 14F
Frosty Forest Thumbnail Frosty Forest 13F
Mt. Freeze Thumbnail Mt. Freeze 20F
Magma Cavern Thumbnail Magma Cavern 23F
Sky Tower Thumbnail Sky Tower 34F
Uproar Forest Thumbnail Uproar Forest B4F
Waterfall Pond Thumbnail Waterfall Pond B19F
Desert Region Thumbnail Desert Region 20F
Southern Cavern Thumbnail Southern Cavern B50F
Wyvern Hill Thumbnail Wyvern Hill 30F
Darknight Relic Thumbnail Darknight Relic B15F
Unown Relic Thumbnail Unown Relic 11F
Grand Sea Thumbnail Grand Sea B30F
Far-Off Sea Thumbnail Far-Off Sea B75F
Howling Forest Thumbnail Howling Forest 15F
Stormy Sea Thumbnail Stormy Sea B40F
Buried Relic Thumbnail Buried Relic B99F
Solar Cave Thumbnail Solar Cave B20F
Fiery Field Thumbnail Fiery Field 30F
Lightning Field Thumbnail Lightning Field 30F
Northwind Field Thumbnail Northwind Field 30F
Mt. Faraway Thumbnail Mt. Faraway 60F
Western Cave Thumbnail Western Cave B20F
Northern Range Thumbnail Northern Range 25F
Pitfall Valley Thumbnail Pitfall Valley B25F
Wish Cave Thumbnail Wish Cave 99F
Joyous Tower Thumbnail Joyous Tower 99F
Purity Forest Thumbnail Purity Forest 99F
Murky Cave Thumbnail Murky Cave B19F
Silver Trench Thumbnail Silver Trench 99F
Meteor Cave Thumbnail Meteor Cave B20F
Oddity Cave Thumbnail Oddity Cave B8F
Remains Island Thumbnail Remains Island B13F
Marvelous Sea Thumbnail Marvelous Sea B18F
Fantasy Strait Thumbnail Fantasy Strait B25F
Illusory Grotto Thumbnail Illusory Grotto B??F