Many people have been asking how to get the Ruby/Sapphire Time Glitch fixed without the use of Colosseum's Bonus Disk & FireRed/LeafGreen. Well now, we have the solution, and it comes in the form of Pokémon Emerald and here is how

First, load Emerald up to the Title Screen

Whilst on the Title Screen press Select & B and it will go to a screen asking you if you wish to confirm this action. Press A

Plug the Link Cables into the 2 Gameboys. The GBA with Emerald has to have the player 1 cable port and the GBA with Ruby/Sapphire has to have the Player 2 Cable Port. Press A once this is done

Turn on the GBA with Ruby/Sapphire on and as soon as it gets to the GameBoy screen, press Start and Select.

It will transfer the new coding and voila, The game will detect this and begin transferring the fix. The game is now fixed