Volt Tackle, after FR/LG this attack was the only attack that was missing in action. Below are it's Attack Stats:

Name PP Att. Acc. Type Effect
Volt Tackle 15 120 100%
Gives User Re-coil of 1/3 given damage

Now To Get Volt Tackle, you need to work a special Way. First you need the following:

Pikachu. Male or Female. OR
Raichu. Male or Female.
Ditto. If you dont have a Male or A Female
A Light Ball.

Attach the Light Ball to Pikachu/Raichu and put the Pikachu/Raichu and it's Partner in the Breeding Center in Route 110. Walk around a bit and come back, if you have walked enough, the Old Man will tell you that he found an egg. Walk about a bit, for 2,560 Steps to be exact and the egg will hatch into a healthy Pichu

Among the attacks passed down by it's Father (if any) the Pichu will have Volt Tackle. Voila, the Mystery Is Solved

Remember this only works on Emerald, not on Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed or LeafGreen