The Trainer Hill. A Function well known from FireRed/LeafGreen. This Hill has you climbing up several floors of trainers and Battling it out. You can use any Pokémon and the opponent's level matches that of your highest Pokémon

The Trainer Hill in Emerald is found just North of Mauville City. There are 2 floors of trainers and a roof. You get prizes depending on how quick you got up there

The Layout of the Trainer Hill and the trainers in it change with the Upcoming Battle-E Cards for Pokémon Emerald. However the US won't likely have this function and will just increase the amount of floors and battle types.

Below is a list of the basic, un-changed Japanese Layout:

Here are the DEFAULT Japanese Floors Floors Step By Step. Note, the Pokémon Levels are the same as your Highest Pokémon

Floor 1

This is a relatively straightforward floor as you have two ways to get into Battle, however one way means you have to trek round again. This is a double Battle and afterwards you have tiles to take you up

Youngster & Parasol Lady Zigzagoon Shroomish Sandshrew Wingull Numel Surskit

Floor 2

This is a relatively straightforward floor as you have one way to get into battle, some Jump Tiles & soem rotate tiles

Beauty & Ninja Kid Spheal Spoink Poochyena Electrike Baltoy Corphish

The Roof

Nothing up here except a person who congratulates you, you don't get anything for it though which is a bit of a let down really but you have now completed Trainer Hill.