Like with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Game Freak supports use of the e-Reader peripheral to enhance the Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen experience. However, due to fledgling support of the e-Reader in North America and Europe, most of these functions are only present in the Japanese release. The trainers at an old woman's house on Seven Island were also contingent upon the e-Reader's use. However, save for online auctions or such there is no way to buy the cards as Nintendo doesn't sell them these days.

e-Reader - FireRed & LeafGreen Exclusives

The e-Reader in FireRed and LeafGreen expanded the Trainer Tower found on Seven Island, boasting new trainers with sometimes gimmicky teams. There are different challenge levels included with these but they do not change the prizes obtained. Outside of Japan, many of these trainers are already in the Tower, with no need to scan cards to battle them.

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