Game Corner

On Two Island, there is a special kind of Game Corner. Unlike the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City, you do not win coins here - and these games are all multiplayer, requiring the use of the Wireless Adapter. You can only play these minigames with people who've reached the Two Island Game Corner in Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, or Mossdeep Game Corner in Emerald. Scoring 2000 points in both games is needed to collect one of the Trainer Card stars.

Pokémon Jump

Only Pokemon under 2'4" (or 0.7 m) can participate, limiting the Pokemon you can use to mostly basic stage Pokemon. In this game, you jump over Venusaur's swinging vines. There is a time limit and your victory is judged on how many points you earn. You must have two to five players for this.

Dodrio Berry Picking

Use the D-Pad to control Dodrio's head and catch the falling berries. The blue ones you collect, and the green ones you avoid. One berry adds a block to fill the meter - but be careful, as missing a blue berry resets it. Depending on your score you may receive a rare berry prize. You must have a Dodrio and three to five players for this.