Trainer Tower

Trainer Tower is a place in the Sevii Islands allowing trainers to enjoy different types of battle. It is located north of Seven Island. Similar to the Battle Tower in basic premise, it instead boasts a marathon-type challenge whereby trainers are encourage to fight their way to the top of the tower as quickly as possible. Unlike other battle facilities, trainers are allowed and encouraged to use items - there is even a healing machine on the first floor, though this will certainly waste more time. Like the Battle Tower, money and experience points are not awarded (instead rare evolutionary items after beating the default record of each challenge).

In Japan, players could use e-Reader cards to scan in different trainers, more floors, and potential prizes; this functionality doesn't exist in any other release. Instead, many of the trainers have been brought over as the default, along with the number of floors being bumped to 8.

Lastly, these trainers differ a bit than the usual Battle Tower; that is, their Pokemon all fight at the same level as your highest levelled Pokemon. Some of them are shiny as well, though you don't have to worry about it being random as in other battle facilities.

Trainer Tower - Options

The modes offered include:

Singles: This challenge features the standard Singles style of battling. The prize for winning in the international release is an Up-Grade.
Doubles: Here the focus is on Double battles, which aren't seen as frequently around Kanto. The prize for winning is a Dragon Scale.
Knockout: In this challenge you must fight all the trainers on a floor one after another, without any pauses to use items in between. If you can win this challenge the prize is a Metal Coat in the international release.
Mixed: As the name implies, this simply combines the three other types of battle into its challenge. That is to say that you will fight trainers focusing on single battles, double battles, and knockout battles throughout the different floors. The prize in the international games is a King's Rock.

Single | Double | Mixed | Knockout

Here are the default Japanese floors . Note, the Pokémon levels are the same as your highest levelledPokémon

Floor 1

This is a relatively straightforward floor as there is only 1 trainer, However do not be deceived by thinking its going to be easy. Fighting, Electric, Rock and Ice moves help here.

Youngster Raticate Golbat

Floor 2

Floor 2 with 2 trainers (in 1 Battle) again not too hard, If you have a Grass Pokémon then this battle should be a breeze

Young Couple Slowbro Marowak

Floor 3

Floor 3 has 3 trainers coincidentally, for you to beat however they are 1 after another so make sure you heal your pokémon during battle.

Camper Primeape
Camper Venomoth
Bird Keeper Dodrio

Floor 4

Looks more or less like the 1st floor and only has 1 trainer for you to defeat.

Tamer Sandslash Arbok