Nintendo Gamecube

Launch Dates
Japan: September 14th 20021
US: November 18th 2001
Europe: May 3rd 2002
Max Resolution: 640 x 480

The Nintendo Gamecube was Nintendo's fourth physical hardware and featured a major improvement in specs and graphics. It became disc based using a proprietary disc format. The first Pokémon game for it was Pokémon Channel, but multiple different games were released during the lifespan

The Nintendo Gamecube also had a peripheral, the Game Boy Player, which allowed play of all Game Boy Advance titles

List of Pokémon Games Developed for Nintendo Gamecube

GameDeveloperFirst Release
Pokémon ColosseumGenius SonorityNovember 21st 2003
Pokémon Box: Ruby & SapphireGAME FREAKMay 30th 2003
Pokémon ChannelAmbrellaJuly 18th 2003
Pokémon XD: Gale of DarknessGenius SonorityAugust 4th 2005

List of Pokémon Special Edition Nintendo Gamecube Consoles

Pokémon XD Gales of Darkness Gamecube Bundle

US Release Date: October 13th 2005
Japanese Release Date: August 4th 2005
Price: 16800¥/$99.99
Model: Gamecube
Pack-in Game: Pokémon XD: Gales of Darkness

This special GameCube is a silver model of the console which came with the Pokémon XD game, and a memory card. However, the North American version came with a special faceplate at the top of the console featuring the special Shadow Lugia on top of it. which the Japanese console lacked. This console was only on sale for a few months before it dropped out of print