Apricorns were introduced within the original Gold & Silver. These nuts, when found on trees dotted around Johto, can be utilised to create some specialty PokéBalls. However, in addition to that, Heart Gold & Soul Silver has added new functions for the apricorns.

In this game, the Apricorns are stored within a special item called the Apricorn Case. This can hold many of each Apricorn. You don't have the ability to grow the Apricorns in this game, but the trees which hold them are quite common and you can pick an Apricorn from it every day so be sure to remember where they are so you can get the balls.

PokéBall Creation

Each type of Apricorn can make a certain kind of PokéBall. If you take these Apricorns to Kurt in Azalea Town, he will happily create the PokéBalls for you at no charge. It takes a day for him to make the PokéBall so you'll have to be patient. Below is a list of the PokéBalls he can create, what they do and what Apricorn is used to make them;

Icon Name Apricorn Used Effect Fig.
Fast Ball White Apricorn A Ball that catches Fast Pokémon
If the Pokémon does not have a high Speed then * 1. Else * 4
* 1
* 4
Friend Ball Green Apricorn A Ball that makes Pokémon like you
The Pokémon's Base Happiness is 200 instead of 70
* 1
Heavy Ball Black Apricorn A Ball that catches Heavier Pokémon Easier
If the Pokémon is Less than 220lbs then -20, Between 220lbs & 440lbs then +0, Between 440lbs & 660lbs then +20, Higher than 660lbs + 30
-20, +0,
+20, +30
Level Ball Red Apricorn The bigger the difference in level between your Pokémon and the Capture Target, the more likely the capture
If the Pokémon's Level is greater than the opponent's level then * 2. If half your Pokémon's Level is greater than the opponent's Level then * 4. If a quarter of your Pokémon's Level is greater than the opponents Level then * 8
* 2, * 4, * 8
Love Ball Pink Apricorn This ball works better on Pokémon of the opposite Gender
If the Pokémon's Gender is not the same as the Opponent then * 8. If it is the same or either have no gender then * 1
* 1
* 8
Lure Ball Blue Apricorn This ball works better on Pokémon snagged with Fishing Rod
If the Pokémon was obtained through Fishing then * 3. If the Pokémon wasn't, then *1
* 1
* 3
Moon Ball Yellow Apricorn This ball works better on Pokémon that evolve with Moon Stone
If the Pokémon evolves with Moon Stone then * 3. If the Pokémon doesn't, then *1
* 1
* 4

Apricorn Juice

The new feature of the Apricorns is that you can now use them with a special item called the ApriShaker that can crush the Apricorns down and turn them into the Apricorn Juice. The Apricorn Juice work in a similar manner to Poffin and PokéBlocks. Each kind of ApriShake can raise your Pokémon's Pokéathlon statistics

Icon Apricorn Stat Raised Taste
BLU Apricorn Skill Dry
GRN Apricorn Jump Bitter
PNK Apricorn Speed Sweet
Red Apricorn Power Spicy
YLW Apricorn Stamina Sour
BLK Apricorn None None
WHT Apricorn None None
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