The Rocket Backstory

Soon, Nintendo will give out a special Celebi at an event. This Celebi will activate a special bit of backstory into the whole Rocket system. When you have your Celebi, go to Ilex Forest and itneract with the shrine. When done, Lyra/Ethan will appear and talk to you. Soon after, Celebi starts glowing and throws you back in time.

Three Years Ago

You, your Celebi, and Lyra/Ethan will arrive in Route 22. Unsure what's going on, you quickly overhear a conversation between your rival, Silver, and his father. His father is berating him for not wanting to partake in his plans with Team Rocket. They argue for a bit and then part ways. His father heads west towards Johto and Silver runs south, bumping into you and making a remark before leaving. Shortly after this exchange happens, Celebi starts to glow and you travel through time again

Three Years Later

You & Lyra/Ethan emerge in a cave in Johto. There is nothing in this cave except for a man and a radio. The man is the same man whom Silver was arguing with. On the radio, the broadcast Archer and the other admins sent out, calling to Giovanni, is played.. Giovanni seems excited and goes to join them but turns around and sees you. He challenges you and his team is as follows

Rocket Boss Giovanni Nidoking
Lv. 42
Lv. 43
Lv. 46
Lv. 40

After you defeat him, he will tell you that you remind him of the same kid who ended his plans 3 years earlier and will quickly leave. After this, Celebi returns you back to Ilex Forest and back to your true time.