The PokéGear Phone

The main feature of the PokéGear is the phone. The phone is used just as you would think and can call a variety of characters within the game. These characters include trainers dotted around Johto as well as vital characters in the story such as your Mom or Professor Elm.

With the phone, you can both call-up and receive calls from these characters. They will give you vital information when you call or they call you and some will allow you to call for rematches or to obtain items.

If you have an appointment to rematch or to pick up an item, the map will display an exclamation mark in the area when highlighted.

Unlike in Gold & Silver, you don't have a limit to how many phone numbers you can register in the PokéGear so you have the ability to get all the numbers.

Character Title Location Rematch Extras
Baoba (バオバ) Safari Warden Route 39
(Story Progression)
-- Calls whenever enhancements to Safari Zone have been made
Bill (マサキ) Pokémon Maniac Goldenrod City
(Bill's Sister)
-- Call to check how much space remaining in your current box
Blaine (カツラ) Gym Leader Cinnabar Island
(Tuesday from 00:00-23:59)
Tuesday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Blue (グリーン) Gym Leader Pallet Town
From Daisy Oak after she massages 1 of your Pokémon 7 times -(Any Day from 15:00 - 16:00)
Sunday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Brock (タケシ) Gym Leader Diglett's Cave
(Any Day from 12:00 - 15:00)
Saturday Night Gym Leader Rematches
Bugsy (ツクシ) Gym Leader Viridian Forest
(Thursay from 00:00 - 23:59)
Thursday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Buena (アオイ) Radio DJ Goldenrod Radio Tower
(After Obtaining 30 Points in her Password game)
-- Calls with tips and hints
Chuck (シジマ) Gym Leader Cianwood City
From his wife(Any Day from 00:00 - 23:59)
Wednesday Night Gym Leader Rematches
Clair (イブキ) Gym Leader Dragon's Den
(Any Day from 06:00 - 10:00)
Friday Night Gym Leader Rematches
Day Care Lady (おばあさん) Breeder Route 34
Day Care Centre
-- Call to check how many levels the Pokémon you have in Day Care have increased.
Day Care Man (おじいさん) Breeder Route 34
Day Care Centre
-- Call to check if your Pokémon in the Day Care like eachother and if there is an Egg there
Ethan (ヒビキ) Childhood Friend Route 34
Day Care Centre (If you are female)
-- Call to hear about your Pokémon's gestures
Erika (エリカ) Gym Leader Celadon City
(Saturday/Sunday from 15:00 - 17:00)
Sunday Morning Gym Leader Rematches
Falkner (ハヤト) Gym Leader Celadon City Dept. Store 5F
(Monday from 00:00 - 23:59)
Saturday Morning Gym Leader Rematches
Janine (アンズ) Gym Leader Reception Gate
(Any Day from 16:00 - 18:00)
Monday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Jasmine (ミカン) Gym Leader Olivine City Restaurant
(Any Day from 13:00 - 14:00)
Wednesday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Kurt (ガンテツ) PokéBall Mechanic Azalea Town
Kurt's House
-- Call to check if your PokéBalls have been made into Apricorns yet
Lt. Surge (マチス) Gym Leader Route 10
(Any Day from 09:00 - 12:00 after defeating Zapdos)
Friday Morning Gym Leader Rematches
Lyra (コトネ) Childhood Friend Route 34
Day Care Centre (If you are male)
-- Call to hear about your Pokémon's gestures
Misty (カスミ) Gym Leader Route 25
(Any Day from 16:00 - 18:00 after defeating Suicune)
Wednesday Morning Gym Leader Rematches
Mom (おかあさん)   New Bark Town
Your House
-- Call to check savings balance. Calls you when she purchases an item. Click here for details
Morty (マツバ) Gym Leader Outside Bell Tower in Ecruteak City
(Monday/Tuesday from 00:00 - 23:59)
Tuesday Night Gym Leader Rematches
Prof. Elm (ウツギ) Pokémon Professor New Bark Town
Professor Elm's Laboratory
-- Used to progress story
Prof. Oak (オーキド) Pokémon Professor Route 30
Mr. Pokémon's House
-- Used to progress story - Call to check Johto & National Pokédex
Pryce (ヤナギ) Gym Leader Lake of Rage
(Any Day from 06:00 - 10:00)
Monday Morning Gym Leader Rematches
Sabrina (ナツメ) Gym Leader Olivine City Harbor
(Friday from 00:00 - 23:59)
Saturday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Whitney (アカネ) Gym Leader Goldenrod City Dept. Store 6F
(Any Day from 12:00 - 16:00)
Saturday Afternoon Gym Leader Rematches
Jose(エイジ) Bird Keeper Route 27
(After Defeating)
Saturday Night Rematch - Obtain Star Piece
Erin(エミ) Picnicker Route 46
(After Defeating)
Saturday Night Rematch - Obtain Calcium
Alfred(カーネル) Gentleman Shining Lighthouse
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain Calcium
Liz(カオリ) Picnicker Route 32
(After Defeating)
Thursday Afternoon Rematch - Calls with Gossip
Kay & Tia(カコとトコ) Twins Route 15
(After Defeating)
Saturday Night Rematch - Obtain Oval Stone
Rob(カズヒコ) Bug Catcher Route 2
(After Defeating)
Friday Morning Rematch - Gives a Berry
Josh(カズヒコ) Bird Keeper Route 14
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Night Rematch
Tim & Sue(カツとリタ) Young Couple Route 13
(After Defeating)
Friday Afternoon Rematch
Billy(キイチ) School Kid Route 15
(After Defeating)
Friday Night Rematch - Call for information about Gym Leaders
Hillary(キョウコ) Teacher Route 15
(After Defeating)
Thursday Night Rematch
Chad(クリオ) School Kid Route 38
(After Defeating)
Friday Morning Rematch - Has trivia about Professor Oak
Huey(ゲンキ) Sailor Shining Lighthouse
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Night Rematch - Obtain Protein
Wade(コウイチ) Bug Catcher Route 31
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Night Rematch - Gives a Berry
Joey(ゴロウ) Youngster Route 30
(After Defeating)
Monday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain HP Up
Jack(シュウイチ) School Kid National Park
(After Defeating)
Monday Morning Rematch - Call for Battle Techniques
Gaven(シュン) Ace Trainer Route 26
(After Defeating)
Thursday Morning Rematch
Ernest(ジュンヤ) Biker Route 17
(After Defeating)
Sunday Afternoon Rematch
Ian(ショウヘイ) Youngster Route 34
(After Defeating)
Saturday Morning Rematch - Obtain Berry
Kenji(タケノリ) BlackBelt Route 45
(After Defeating)
Random Obtain PP Up
Tanner(タモン) Camper Route 13
(After Defeating)
Monday Night Rematch
Parry(タロウ) Hiker Route 45
(After Defeating)
Friday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain Iron
Tiffany(チサト) Picnicker Route 43
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain PokéDoll
Anthony(ツトム) Hiker Route 33
(After Defeating)
Friday Night Rematch
Walt(トシハル) Firebreather Route 35
(After Defeating)
Monday Afternoon Rematch
Aiden(トラゾウ) Biker Route 17
(After Defeating)
Monday Morning Rematch
Kyle(ナオフミ) Fisherman Route 12
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Afternoon Rematch
Reena(ナツホ) Ace Trainer Route 27
(After Defeating)
Sunday Morning Rematch
Kenny(ノリヨシ) Hiker Route 13
(After Defeating)
Saturday Afternoon Rematch
Wilton(ヒデノリ) Fisherman Route 44
(After Defeating)
Thursday Morning Rematch - Obtain PokéBalls
Jamie(ヒトミ) Ace Trainer Route 26
(After Defeating)
Friday Night Rematch
Torin(フミトシ) School Kid Route 14
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Night Rematch
Irwin(マイク) Juggler Route 35
(After Defeating)
-- Calls for discussions
Kyler(マキオ) Fisherman Route 12
(After Defeating)
Thursday Afternoon Rematch
Brent(マコト) PokéManiac Route 43
(After Defeating)
Monday Morning Rematch - Call with trivia about Bill
Alan(マナブ) School Kid Route 36
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Rematch - Obtain FireStone
Derek(ミエハル) PokéFan Route 39
(After Defeating)
-- Obtain Nugget
Gina(ミズホ) Picnicker Route 34
(After Defeating)
Sunday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain Leafstone
Doug(ミチヒコ) Bug Catcher Route 2
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Morning Rematch - Obtain Berry
Tully(ミノル) Fisherman Route 42
(After Defeating)
Sunday Afternoon Rematch - Obtain WaterStone
Beverly(メグミ) PokéFan National Park
(After Defeating)
-- Obtain Nugget
Vance(モトヒロ) Bird Keeper Route 44
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Night Rematch - Obtain Carbos
Ralph(ヤスアキ) Fisherman Route 32
(After Defeating)
Wednesday Morning Rematch
Krise(ユキ) Lass National Park
(After Defeating)
Sunday Morning Rematch
Todd(ヨウイチ) Camper Route 34
(After Defeating)
Saturday Morning Rematch
Arnie(ヨウタ) Bug Catcher Route 35
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Morning Rematch
Dana(リカ) Lass Route 38
(After Defeating)
Thursday Night Rematch - Obtain Thunderstone
Reese(リュウジ) Biker Route 17
(After Defeating)
Tuesday Afternoon Rematch