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Event Items

Many times, Nintendo will hold an event in the real world or over the Nintendo WiFi Connection that gives away a special item. These items usuall give you access to special locked away areas or open up the ability to meet some legendary Pokémon. These areas vary depending on the item and game they have been obtained on.

Picture Name Effect
Aurora TicketA very cute dress to be worn during the Contest Spectacular.
Azure FluteA flute that puts out echoing sounds that do not seem to be of this world. No one knows who made it or when.
Enigma StoneA crystal ball that was excavated from the ground. It is covered with bits of rock and earth, but it is still very beautiful.
Eon TicketThe ticket required for sailing on a ferry to the Southern Island. Does Norman, the Petalburg Gym Leader, know a secret?!
GS BallThe mysterious BALL.
Liberty PassA special pass to go to Liberty Garden. Board the ship in Castelia City.
Lock CapsuleA sturdy Capsule that can only be opened with a special key.
Member CardA card needed for entering the inn in Canalave City. Oddly, the last date marked on it was 50 years ago.
MysticTicketA ticket required to board the ship to Navel Rock. It glows with a mystic light.
Oak's LetterA letter from Professor Oak. Written in it is a request for you to go to Route 224.
Old Sea MapA chart that can take you to Faraway Island.
Secret KeyA high-tech key that has to be used at a specific location. It emits a special electronic signal to open a door.