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GS Berries

The "GS Berries" are a brand of berries that were only included in Gold & Silver. These berries were all used for recovery purposes on Pokémon. These berries could be held by the Pokémon for in-battle effects. They are all one-use items but you can get new ones each day.

Picture Name Effect
 BerryA self-restore item
 Bitter BerryA self-cure for confusion.
 Burnt BerryA self-cure for freezing.
 Gold BerryA self-restore item
 Ice BerryA self-cure for burn.
 Mint BerryA self-awakening for sleep.
 MiracleBerryCures all status problems.
 MysteryBerryA self-restore for PP.
 PrzCureBerryA self-cure for paralysis.
 PsnCureBerryA self-cure for poison.