#492 Shaymin
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
N/A N/A Natural Cure (Land Forme), Serene Grace (Sky Forme) Marley
Attacks Seed Flare, Worry Seed
Bringing Prof. Oak’s letter and a Gracidea Flower, Marley encountered Shaymin on Route 224, and brought it with her into the Distortion World. There, Shaymin participated in the great battle between the legendary Pokemon, and even transformed from its Land Forme into its Sky Forme in an attempt to stop Giratina from returning to the real world. It decided to stay with Marley after the battle.
# Chapter Notes
430 VS Rotom Imagination
434 Alternate Dimension Battle IV
435 Alternate Dimension Battle V
436 Alternate Dimension Battle VI
439 Alternate Dimension Battle IX
440 Alternate Dimension Battle X
441 Alternate Dimension Battle XI

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