#642 Thundurus
7th Gen Dex

Gender Nickname Ability Trainers
Male N/A Prankster (Incarnate Forme), Volt Absorb (Therian Forme) Team Plasma, Colress
Attacks N/A
Thundurus is one of the legendary flyers of Unova who constantly circle the land. It has the ability to drop lightning bolts to destroy crops. It appeared to Elesa when she was a young girl, and also showed up next to the Nimbasa Gym during Black’s Gym challenge. It then appeared to White and Shauntal when it ended up on the same route as Tornadus, and the two began to fight. Finally, Landorus appeared to pacify them, but they were all captured by Giallo of Team Plasma and used against the Gymleaders at Nacrene afterwards. Later, Colress used them to fight the Elite 4 while disguised as the Hoodman. Sometime after that, Colress gained possession of the Reveal Glass which allowed him to revert them into their Therian Formes.
# Chapter Notes
484 VS Zebstrika
490 VS Thundurus & Tornadus
496 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus I
497 VS Tornadus & Thudurus & Landorus II
498 VS Cryogonal Flashback
506 VS Cobalion & Terrakion & Virizion I Dream
511 VS Gothorita Flashback
520 Zekrom VS Reshiram I
523 Zekrom VS Reshiram IV
537 VS Kyurem II
538 VS Kyurem III
539 VS Mandibuzz I
541 VS Volcarona

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