Gassy Swamp Battle

Gassy Swamp Battle - Mission Picture
Voluca IslandBadlands (Night)
First Text
Heh, I saw something awesome! Even though its opponent was midair, that Scolipede launched an amazing attack!
Completion Text
That's it! How cool is that? I'm gonna be the one to snap it next time, so...gotta go! I'm heading back out to the Barren Badlands!

How To Complete

To get this mission, you first need to Illumina orb the Sandshrew to the left to get it to roll down the hill. After that, awaken the Diglett in its path to knock the Sandshrew into it. Take photos of them and they will move on towards the swamp. Sandshrew will roll down the swamp and awaken the Scolipede. While it is doing that, throw Fluffruit at the Gliscor and it will glide to the Minior craters. After Minior hits, it will move over to Scolipede and the two will battle

Example Picture

Gassy Swamp Battle Example Picture


Effect 8 Effect 8Frame