Illumina Pokémon

Illumina Pokémon are a new kind of Pokémon exclusive to New Pokémon Snap. While Illumina Orbs can give Pokémon the small energy of Illumina Pokémon, these Pokémon are the powerful guardians of the Lental region, who helped protect the region from a meteorite.

The photos of these Pokémon cannot be rated if they are not afflicted with Illumina Energy.

This page details all the Illumina Pokémon and their special effects.


Location: Floria Island Illumina Spot

Meganium is the simplest of the Illumina Pokémon to contend with, as well as the first. In the original stage, you just had to follow Meganium as it moved through the stage, hitting it with Illumina Orbs as you go through for optimal pictures

On subsequent visits, various other Pokémon from the island will appear and interact with Meganium.

Meganium - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Mariocpia Island Illumina Spot

Wishiwashi is the second Illumina Pokémon to encounter and the first with a real puzzle. As standard, Wishiwashi was separated into Solo Form Wishiwashi, requiring you to throw Illumina Orbs at them. When enough are hit, they all fly away and combine into School Form for a while. Hit it with Illumina Orbs for reactions and to photograph it.

On subsequent visits, Wishiwashi has other Pokémon join the fray, including Wailord. It uses various attacks such as Whirlpool and more in order to create photo opportunities.

Wishiwashi - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Belusylva Island Illumina Spot

Milotic is the third Illumina Pokémon to encounter. As it's a Water Pokémon and you're not underwater, using your Illumina Orbs tends not to work so you need to hit it with Fluff Fruit in order for it to surface so you can hit it with Illumina Orbs

On subsequent visits, various Pokémon will inhabit the area, interacting with Milotic. Milotic will also do various attacks such as Twister for favourable photo opportunities.

Milotic - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Voluca Island Illumina Spot

Volcarona is the fourth Illumina Pokémon to encounter, with a twist: There are two of them. Volcarona will both shield themselves with aura of fire. To remove the fire, you need to hit them with two Flufffruits before you can use Illumina Orbs

On subsequent visits, several Pokémon will interact with Volcarona such as attacking them in the air.

Volcarona - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Durice Island Illumina Spot

Steelix is the fifth Illumina Pokémon to encounter. Steelix will dart from cave to cave, often needing to be taunted out using Flufffruit. Its appearances are often fleeting requiring some quick reflexes with the Illumina Orbs

On subsequent visits, several Pokémon will interact with Steelix, changing its attack patterns

Steelix - New Pokémon Snap


Location: Aurus Island Illumina Spot

Xerneas is the final Illumina Pokémon, the mysterious sixth hidden one on the small island of Aurus Island. Having worn itself out 2,000 years prior protecting the region, it lay dormant until you awoke the other Illumina Pokémon. As such, it chooses to test you. It flies around in an energy orb requiring you to throw Illumina Orbs at it before it takes its true form

On subsequent visits, several Pokémon will inhabit the ruins alongside Xerneas. They won't attack but will be part of many photoesque images.

Xerneas - New Pokémon Snap